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Compare logical variables implicitly As mentioned earlier, it s appropriate to write logical expressions such as
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4. Send token.
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Inside the strongly typed Equals method, the code compares the fields in exactly the same way that you d compare them for reference types. Keep in mind that the code doesn t do any casting, doesn t compare the two instances to see if they re the same type, and doesn t call the base type s Equals method. These operations aren t necessary because the method s parameter already ensures that the instances are of the same type. Also, because all value types are immediately derived from System.ValueType, you know that your base type has no fields of its own that need to be compared. You ll notice in the Equals method that takes an Object that I used the is operator to check the type of obj. I used is instead of GetType because calling GetType on an instance of a value type requires that the instance be boxed. I demonstrated this in the "Boxing and Unboxing Value Types" section in 5. barcode generator
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The Oracle software environment is available for many different platforms, ranging from personal computers (PCs) to large mainframes and massive parallel processing (MPP) systems. This is one of the unique selling points of Oracle: it guarantees a high degree of independence from hardware vendors, as well as various system growth scenarios, without losing the benefits of earlier investments, and it offers extensive transport and communication possibilities in heterogeneous environments. The Oracle software environment has many components and bundling options. The core component is the DBMS itself: the kernel. The kernel has many important tasks, such as handling all physical data transport between memory and external storage, managing concurrency, and providing transaction isolation. Moreover, the kernel ensures that all stored data is represented at the logical level as relational tables. An important component of the kernel is the optimizer, which decides how to access the physical data structures in a time-efficient way and which algorithms to use to produce the results of your SQL commands. Application programs and users can communicate with the kernel by using the SQL language, the main topic of this book. Oracle SQL is an almost fully complete implementation of the ANSI/ISO/IEC SQL:2003 standard. Oracle plays an important role in the SQL standardization process and has done that for many years. Oracle also provides many tools with its DBMS, to render working with the DBMS more efficient and pleasurable. Figure 1-4 illustrates the cooperation of these tools with the Oracle database, clearly showing the central role of the SQL language as the communication layer between the kernel and the tools, regardless of which tool is chosen.
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Adding Methods to Enumerated Types
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It s true that there s less IL code in the type safe version. However, it s the type safe version s ldelem instruction that causes the CLR to do index checking. The unsafe version uses the ldind.i4 instruction, which simply obtains a 4 byte value from a memory address. Note that this unsafe array manipulation technique is usable with arrays whose elements are SByte, Byte, Int16, UInt16, Int32, UInt32, Int64, UInt64, Char, Single, Double, Decimal, Boolean, an enumerated type, or a value type structure whose fields are any of the aforementioned types.
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applyToWebDAV, which you can set to true (the default) to make this list apply to WebDAV requests coming in to this server and false to make this list apply only to Web requests. code 39 generator code project
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Deep Zoom Composer follows a simple workflow of import, followed by compose, and then export. So, first you click the Import tab, and then click Add Image to pick an image to use, repeating this step for each picture you want to use. In Figure 11-4, three images are added. The next step is to compose, which you do using the options in the Compose tab. In this tab, you place an image on the design surface, and then zoom in and out while placing other images. For example, in Figure 11-5, you can see where I placed one image and then zoomed in to the eye. New images are placed at their default resolution at the Zoom level you selected. In Figure 11-5, you can see where I placed the image in the eye. Later, when you run the application, you would have to zoom directly into the eye to see this image, and it will be tiny until you zoom in further. In Figure 11-6, you see where the image has been placed.
To resolve computer names, the DNS Client service in Windows Server 2003 always attempts DNS name resolution before NetBIOS name resolution. Both NetBIOS names and DNS names are based on the name you assign a com puter in the System Properties dialog box. If you assign a computer name longer than 15 characters, NetBIOS uses a version of the name that is truncated to 15 characters.
<Project xmlns="" DefaultTargets="Demo" ToolsVersion="3.5"> <Target Name="Demo"> <Message Text="high importance message" Importance="high" /> <Message Text="normal importance message" Importance="normal" /> <Message Text="low importance message" Importance="low" /> </Target> </Project>
Remember that the ef ciency of several plans in our index optimization scale was based on the selectivity of the query. If the selectivity of a query you re tuning varies signi cantly between invocations of the query, make sure that in your tuning process you take this into account. For example, you can prepare tables and graphs with the performance measurements versus selectivity and analyze such data before you make your index design choices. Table 4-10 shows a summary of logical reads versus selectivity of the different levels in the scale for the sample query pattern under discussion against the sample Orders table.
can be a quality characteristic of a figure, but does not have to be .) The image to the right of the illustration corresponds to such an equal distribution . Naturally, survey results or measurement series data almost always have an asymmetrical distribution . The boxplot indicates the type and scope of this asymmetry . This allows observers to make their own conclusions in relation to the usability of the data in a particular analysis, for example .
The Data Source Object Model
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