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Solution Some installers set the docroot directive to a specific directory and this can cause problems especially on systems with multiple hosts. Look in the php.ini file and clear the current directory setting.
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Computer Configuration\ Windows Settings\Security Settings\Local Options\ Security Options\Domain Controller: LDAP Client Signing Requirements Computer Configuration\ Windows Settings\Security Settings\Local Options\ Security Options\Network Access: Allows Anonymous Sid/Name Translation
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One of the biggest enhancements in Visual Studio Team System 2010 Team Build is the integration with Windows Work ow Foundation. While MSBuild is a fantastic language for expressing how to compile a solution or project or how to perform a task on a set of les (using batching), it has a number of limitations as you start to automate your entire end-to-end build process.
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Debugging the Dump Once you've got the symbols and binaries properly loaded, debugging the dump file is almost identical to live debugging. Obviously, some commands such as BU won't work on dump files, but most will, especially the extension commands. If you're having trouble with a command, make sure to look at the environment table in the documentation for the command and verify that you can use it with dump files. If you have a situation in which you created multiple dump files at the same time, you can also debug them side by side with the .OPENDUMP (Open Dump File) command. Once you open a dump file this way, you'll need to issue a G (Go) command so that WinDBG can get everything started. Finally, one command that's only available when debugging dump files is the .DUMPCAB (Create Dump File CAB) command. This will create a .CAB file from the current dump file. If you add the a parameter, all symbols will be written to the file.
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Insert File Attachments
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In a hierarchy every employee tends to rise to his level of incompetence. The Peter Principle
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The java.lang Package
To connect using WiFi, activate WiFi on your MeeGo device, and make sure you re connected to the same network as your development workstation. Note the IP address in the wlan0 row of Mad Developer. To connect using USB, touch Edit on the USB row and confirm by touching Configure. Note the IP address in the usb0 row. You ll use Mad Developer any time you want to connect your device to the Qt Creator SDK. Later, in the section titled Compiling and Running Your Code on a Device, we show you how to complete the workstation half of the connection in the Nokia Qt SDK. Figure 3 3 shows Mad Developer in action.
Figure 19 3 : Managed heap after a collection As you can see, a garbage collection generates a considerable performance hit, which is the major downside of using a managed heap. But keep in mind that garbage collections occur only when generation 0 is full, and until then, the managed heap is significantly faster than a C runtime heap. Finally, the CLR s garbage collector offers some optimizations that greatly improve the performance of garbage collection. I ll discuss these optimizations later in this chapter, in the Generations and Other Garbage Collector Performance Issues sections. As a programmer, you should take away a couple important points from this discussion. To start, you no longer have to implement any code that manages the lifetime of objects your application uses. And notice how the two bugs described at the beginning of this chapter no longer exist. First, it s not possible to leak objects because any object not accessible from your application s roots can be collected at some point. Second, it s not possible to access an object that is freed because the object won t be freed if it is reachable, and if it s not reachable, your application has no way to access it. The following code demonstrates how objects are allocated and managed:
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