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Changing Settings
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13 Interfaces
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Inside Microsoft SQL Server 2008: T-SQL Programming
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To see which roles are available, run OCList.exe, which is a tool unique to Server Core. For example, to install the DNS Server role, you would run the following command:
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FIGURE 7-27 Configuring Windows Time synchronization
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Managing Cookies
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A. Create the demand-dial interface on the local area connection. code 39 generator source code
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class App { static void Main() { Int32 x;
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Note: The issuer address changes depending on how you deploy the sample. For an issuer running on the local machine, the address attribute of the <issuer> element will be: https://localhost/Adatum.SimulatedIssuer/Scenario4/Issue.svc For ADFS 2.0, the address will be: https://{adatum host}/Trust/13/ IssuedTokenMixedSymmetricBasic256 This binding connects the smart client application to the a-Order. OrderTracking service. Unlike WCF bindings that do not involve claims, this special claims-aware binding includes a message security element that speci es the address and binding con guration of the Adatum issuer. The address attribute gives the active endpoint of the Adatum issuer. The nested binding con guration is labeled AdatumIssuerIssuedToken. It is the second binding, as shown here.
Basic Information Basic Techniques
An electronic version of this book (eBook). For information about using the eBook, see the section The eBooks later in this introduction.
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Name: CSUDAs Location: C:\ Solution Name: UDAs When you're done entering the information, confirm that it is correct. 3. At this point, you'll be requested to specify a database reference. Create a new database reference to the tempdb database in the SQL Server instance you're working with, and choose it. The database reference you choose tells Visual Studio where to deploy the UDAs that you develop. After confirming the choice of database reference, a question box will pop up asking you whether you want to enable SQL/CLR debugging on this connection. Choose No. The sample UDAs you'll build in this chapter are quite simple, and there won't be a need for debugging. In the Solution Explorer window, right-click the CSUDAs project, select the menu items Add and Aggregate, and then choose the Aggregate template. Rename the class Aggregate1.cs to CSUDAs_Classes.cs, and confirm. Examine the code of the template. You'll find that a UDA is implemented as a structure (struct in C#, Structure in Visual Basic .NET). It can be implemented as a class as well. The first block of code in the template includes namespaces that are used in the assembly (lines of code starting with "using"). Add three more statements to include the following namespaces: System.Text, System.IO, and System.Runtime.InteropServices. (You can copy those from Listing 6-8.) You are going to use the StringBuilder class from the System.Text namespace, the BinaryReader and BinaryWriter classes from the System.IO namespace, and finally the StructLayout attribute from the System.Runtime.InteropServices namespace (in the second UDA).
18 Custom Attributes
Member Name
As this chapter describes, Microsoft supports standard AJAX idioms and patterns in the ASP .NET framework . However, AJAX is more a style of Web programming involving out-ofband HTTP requests than any specific technology . You ve no doubt seen sites engaging the new interface features and stylings available through AJAX programming . Examples include Microsoft .com, Google .com, and Yahoo .com . Very often while browsing these sites, you ll see modern features such as automatic page updates that do not require you to generate a postback explicitly . Modal-type dialog boxes that require your attention appear until you dismiss them . These are all features available through AJAX-style programming patterns and the ASP .NET extensions (for example, a rich set of AJAX server-side controls and extensions) for supporting AJAX . If you re a long-time Microsoft environment Web developer, you might be asking yourself whether AJAX is something really worthwhile or whether you might be able to get much of the same type of functionality using a tried and true technology such as DHTML .
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