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Now that you ve completed the story template, you have accomplished what you set out to do at the start of the chapter that is, prioritizing your ideas and nding the right sequence in which to present them. The three columns of Act II established the priority of your ideas from Key Point headlines at the top of the informational hierarchy, to
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In addition, the XmlElementEventArgs, XmlAttributeEventArgs, and XmlNodeEventArgs classes add some extra and more specific properties. Figure 11-1 shows a sample application that lets you enter some XML code.
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internal sealed class AClass { public static void UsingLocalVariablesInTheCallbackCode(Int32 numToDo) { // Some local variables Int32[] squares = new Int32[numToDo]; AutoResetEvent done = new AutoResetEvent(false); // Do a bunch of tasks on other threads for (Int32 n = 0; n < squares.Length; n++) { ThreadPool.QueueUserWorkItem( obj => { Int32 num = (Int32) obj; // This task would normally be more time consuming squares[num] = num * num;
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Figure 7-19. Review the Remote Access Policies.
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While this seems like a convenience, especially if you use the new type for parameters, local variables, and fields, you should never define a new class explicitly for the purpose of making your source code easier to read . The reason is because you lose type identity and equivalence, as you can see in the following code:
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Publishing websites gives you a great deal of control over the website configuration while still providing a high level of automation. However, it requires administrators to have specially configured the web server to allow you to publish the website. Even if you create a package for the administrators to perform the installation, administrators will not be able to easily take advantage of a software distribution infrastructure that requires Microsoft Windows Installer (MSI) packages. Finally, Visual Studio does not precompile published websites. The sections that follow describe how to create a Web Setup Project, which provides the highest level of flexibility for deploying a website. Although Web Setup Projects are more complex for the developer, they allow you to generate an MSI package, precompile a website, and perform virtually any setup task that your application might require. This section describes how to configure deployment properties, how to configure deployment conditions, and how to deploy websites that meet the requirements of the aforementioned scenarios.
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You also need your library to be able to split sentences into words. As with the sentences method, add a words method to the String class: class String def words scan(/\w[\w\'\-]*/) end end p "This is a test of words' capabilities".words
Managing User Profiles
You can enter a volume label when you format a new volume. Or you can do it at any time afterward, by right-clicking a volume (in Disk Management or in Windows Explorer), choosing Properties, and entering text in the edit field near the top of the General tab.
Time Savings 92% -20%
File Virtualization
Enter a location to save the package to. The default is C:\Program Files\Packaged Programs, but we think a shared folder makes more sense. Change any TS Gateway, Terminal Server, or Certi cate settings that need to be different for this application. There s really no need to change anything in an SBS environment. Click Next to open the Con gure Distribution Package page shown in Figure 25-23.
The data label shown in the Labels 2 worksheet (see Figure 8-14) is a bit more sophisticated . This example was intended to optically highlight the country/region with the highest gross national product . Much to the delight of the Dutch viewer ( Oranje boven ) this is done with an orange coloring of the column and a clearly visible individual label of this data point . To implement this, first left-click the entire data series, then left-click the data point, and subsequently use the right mouse button to view the context menu where you can proceed as described in the step-by-step instructions stated above .
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