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When you construct a Barrier, you tell it how many threads are participating in the work, and you can also pass an Action<Barrier> delegate referring to code that will be invoked whenever all participants complete a phase of the work . You can dynamically add and remove participating threads from the Barrier by calling the AddParticipant and RemoveParticipant methods but, in practice, this is rarely done . As each thread completes its phase of the work, it should call SignalAndWait, which tells the Barrier that the thread is done and the Barrier blocks the thread (using a ManualResetEventSlim) . After all participants call SignalAndWait, the Barrier invokes the delegate (using the last thread that called SignalAndWait) and then unblocks all the waiting threads so they can begin the next phase .
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If you re using a named constant or a magic number in a routine call and it s the only argument, that s a clue that you could precompute the number, put it into a constant, and avoid the routine call. The same principle applies to multiplications, divisions, additions, and other operations. I once needed to compute the base-two logarithm of an integer, truncated to the nearest integer. The system didn t have a log-base-two routine, so I wrote my own. The quick and easy approach was to use the fact that
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Figure 8-3 shows the wizard in action. The source code lacks a definition for the wizard steps. We ll add those and discuss them in a moment.
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Using DNS Troubleshooting Tools
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If you copy the file to another computer and try to play it in Windows Media Player or Media Center, you ll see only an error message . Unprotected files can be freely moved from one PC to another . If you install a new, larger hard disk and move recorded programs to the new disk, you ll find that protected files will no longer play . You ll be unable to load a protected DVR-MS file into Windows Movie Maker for editing . You can t burn a DVD from a protected file .
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Lesson Review . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6-18
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Each column in the graphical display at the top of the Reliability Monitor represents events of a particular day. Each red X along the second through fifth line below the graph (the various Failures lines) indicates a day on which problems occurred. The first line below the graph, the line marked Software (Un)Installs, identifies days on which an application or other software element (such as an ActiveX control) was installed or removed. You can see the details about the events of any day by clicking on the graph for that day. In Figure 23-4, we ve selected November 29, 2006, a day that witnessed the installation of a new driver for a digital camera, two failures in the Photo Gallery application, and a disruptive shutdown. The alignment of these events could be mere coincidence, but it could also represent the first appearance of a long-term problem. Conjunctions of this sort are worth examining. If you think a new software component has destabilized your system, you can try uninstalling it. pdf417 free
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Resource organization This is an organization that owns and manages the resources that are accessible from the Internet. A resource organization can deploy AD FS federation servers and AD FS enabled Web servers that will manage access to protected resources for trusted partners.
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The Standard Libraries
Query Tuning
Let s compile the rarely used types into their own module so that users of the assembly won t need to deploy this module if they never access the rarely used types:
The key part of a content page is the Content control. The class is defined in the System.Web.UI.WebControls namespace and inherits Control. A Content control is a container for other controls placed in a content page. The control is used only in conjunction with a corresponding ContentPlaceHolder and is not a standalone control. The master file that we considered earlier defines a single placeholder named PageBody. This placeholder represents the body of the page and is
step 1: add logic to your applications to support claims
In this case, the SQL Server 2005 and SQL Server 2008 query plans are different. Let s rst look at the SQL Server 2005 plan, shown in Figure 11-10.
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To return the next occurrence of a weekday in an inclusive manner (on or after the reference date), subtract a day from the reference date, and add 7 days to floor_diff . For example, the following expression returns the next occurrence of a Monday on or after the reference date:
This implementation of the stored procedure follows good programming practices and addresses the security flaws mentioned earlier . Keep in mind, however, that when constructing code based on user inputs and stored data/metadata, it is extremely difficult (if at all possible) to achieve complete protection against SQL injection . The stored procedure usp_pivot is created as a user-defined procedure in the InsideTSQL2008 database with the usp_ prefix . This means that it isn t as flexible as the
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