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A collection of digital pictures deserves sharing. You can gather everyone around your PC screen (or connect the computer to a TV), select a group of pictures, and turn it into an instant slide show. Or you can take those pictures and burn them to a CD or DVD, turn the pictures into a movie file that plays on a computer or on a DVD player, print the images on your own printer, send them to a professional service for custom printing, or attach them to an e-mail message.
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theme property has not already been set by ASP.NET. After Page_PreInit executes for the page, you can no longer change the theme property without causing a run time exception.
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Optional string. Speci es the simple or strong fusion name for the item. When this attribute is present, it can save time because the assembly le does not have to be opened to obtain the fusion name.
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Id = 2 Status = DRAFT CreatedOn = 03/02/2009 01:12:06 Name = All-Purpose Bike Stand LastName = Abel FirstName = Catherine ShipStreet = 321 Cedar Court ShipCity = Denver ShipZipCode = 12345 ShippingOption = One-day shipping State = Colorado qr code reader free
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Overload the == and !=operator methods Usually, you ll implement these operator methods to internally call the type-safe Equals method . code 39 barcode
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public static void SpinWait(Int32 iterations);
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If you are unsure about the sizes, colors, and configurations you should use to develop print versions of your work, you should seek advice about such specifications, either by asking the project sponsor or by consulting with the printing service provider . If you do not have any useable specifications for size, err on the side of caution and create charts that are too big rather than too small . If a chart has to be scaled down to size, the result is still generally useable and of good quality . However, if a chart has to be blown up to size, the quality of the result usually suffers .
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The lower right insert in Figure 10-11 originated in the Lists 1 worksheet where each CheckBox also has its own clearly discernible cell link . The technical setup of the Focus 1 presentation sheet provides only a handful of surprises for you, the most important being:
Protecting a System with Windows Firewall
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on the SocketAsyncEventArgs.Completed event. Once you have that wired up, you simply call the ConnectAsync() method, passing it your SocketAsyncEventArgs instance. socketArgs.Completed += new EventHandler<SocketAsyncEventArgs>(socketArgs_Completed); socket.ConnectAsync(socketArgs); The method for this event handler will first remove the event handler, and then it will examine the response from the socket server. If it is successful, it will send a stream of bytes from your TextBox control to the socket server through your established connection. void socketArgs_Completed(object sender, SocketAsyncEventArgs e) { e.Completed -= socketArgs_Completed; if (e.SocketError == SocketError.Success) { SocketAsyncEventArgs args = new SocketAsyncEventArgs(); args.SetBuffer(bytes, 0, bytes.Length); args.Completed += new EventHandler<SocketAsyncEventArgs>(OnSendCompleted); socket.SendAsync(args); } } Once again, since the calls to the socket are asynchronous, you wire up another event handler called OnSendCompleted, which will fire when your SendAsync() method is completed. This event handler will do nothing more than close the socket. void OnSendCompleted(object sender, SocketAsyncEventArgs e) { socket.Close(); } Although this seems pretty simple, it is complicated by client-access policy permissions. In the same way that a Silverlight application can call a web service on a separate domain only if it has the proper client-access policy permissions, a Silverlight application can call a socket server only if that server contains the proper client-access policy permissions. The following is an example of a clientaccess policy for a socket server: < xml version="1.0" encoding ="utf-8" > <access-policy> <cross-domain-access> <policy> <allow-from> <domain uri="*" /> </allow-from> <grant-to> <socket-resource port="4500-4550" protocol="tcp" /> </grant-to> </policy> </cross-domain-access> </access-policy>
Creating a View from a Query............................................................................................................... 267 Getting Information About Views from the Data Dictionary .................................................................. 269 Replacing and Dropping Views............................................................................................................. 271
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