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of this discussion is adapted from 18 of Rapid Development (McConnell 1996). If you ve read that discussion, you might skip ahead to the Continuous Integration section.
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Unless your display space is at a premium, this is a purely aesthetic judgment and you can make it accordingly. In this, as in many other areas, the fact that a convention exists is more important than the convention s specific details.
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Updating the Checkout Page
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Part V
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initializing the logging block
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Figure 7-40 Dialog box for designing custom options
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Communicating and Collaborating: People and Processes
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documents to the print server, freeing the client to perform other tasks more quickly. To ensure that the entire document is available to the printer when printing begins, select Start Printing After Last Page Is Spooled. This step might correct some printing problems and also helps make sure that high-priority documents print before lowpriority documents. To reduce the time it takes to print a document, select Start Printing Immediately.
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After completing this chapter, you will be able to
// sb is null StringBuilder sb = null; // Calling extension method: NullReferenceException will NOT be thrown when calling IndexOf // NullReferenceException will be thrown inside IndexOf s for loop sb.IndexOf('X'); // Calling instance method: NullReferenceException WILL be thrown when calling Replace sb.Replace('.', '!');
Hash PE file
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Adding a Terminal Server
IAsyncResult APM
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