8: Testing Your Application in visual C#.net

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Figure 1-9
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Before we can add a list of phone numbers for every employee in the E table, we must create a corresponding type first, as shown in Listing 12-2.
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-- Retrieve information about the schema collection SELECT * FROM sys.xml_schema_collections WHERE name = 'ProductsAdditionalAttributes'; -- Retrieve information about the namespaces in the schema collection SELECT N.* FROM sys.xml_schema_namespaces AS N JOIN sys.xml_schema_collections AS C ON N.xml_collection_id = C.xml_collection_id WHERE C.name = 'ProductsAdditionalAttributes'; -- Retrieve information about the components in the schema collection SELECT CP.* FROM sys.xml_schema_components AS CP JOIN sys.xml_schema_collections AS C ON CP.xml_collection_id = C.xml_collection_id WHERE C.name = 'ProductsAdditionalAttributes';
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Source: Peopleware (DeMarco and Lister 1999).
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From the result shown in Figure 7-1 we can see that the Exec task successfully executed the provided command and the message was successfully sent to the console. You should use the Exec task to invoke an executable when a task doesn t exist to invoke it for you. For example, you should use the Exec task to invoke svcutil.exe, from the Windows SDK, but not the csc.exe because the Csc task wraps the csc.exe executable. A few of the reasons why custom tasks are easier to use is that they can expose a speci c set of properties that the tool can use, the output may be cleaner, and the task may be able to discover where the .exe is located. Many existing build processes are captured in non-MSBuild scripts, and the Exec task can be used to invoke those scripts. By doing this you can slowly migrate your build process to MSBuild, instead of employing an all or nothing approach. One common usage of the Exec task, especially when using MSBuild 2.0, is to invoke the attrib command. This command can be used to change a le s attributes. When applications are under development, many les are marked as read-only, due to the source control provider. This is great for development, but sometimes causes problems for a build process that might copy and replace les with other ones. If you are using MSBuild 3.5 the Copy task now has a property OverwriteReadOnlyFiles, which can be used to bypass the copy read-only le problem. With MSBuild 2.0 you would have to change the le s attribute to be writeable.
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A. Handle the Button.Command event. B. Handle the Button.Load event. c. Define the Button.CommandName property of all controls to PlaybackControl. D. Define the Button.CommandName property so that each control has a unique value.
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20. On the Support Information page, type For help connecting, contact the
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Language Visual Basic Java
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Ruby Is English for Computers
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BOM represents a directed acyclic graph (DAG). It holds the parent and child node IDs in the assemblyid and partid attributes, respectively. BOM also represents a weighted graph, where a weight/number is associated with each edge. In our case, that weight is the qty attribute that holds the quantity of the part within the assembly (assembly of sub parts). The unit attribute holds the unit of the qty (EA for each, g for gram, mL for milliliter, and so on).
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Install and configure IIS
Security token Windows token. This token is represented as a security identi er (SID). This is a unique value of variable length that is used to identify a security principal or security group in Windows operating systems. User name token. Certi cate. Claims User name and groups. Issuer Domain.
Query Tuning
Buildfile: build.xml Target A: [echo] Performing Step A BUILD SUCCESSFUL Total time: 1 second
Authorizing Remote Access Connections 10-33
Organization of the Source Data
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Figure 15-25 diagrams the process that we will walk through.
Declaring Your User Interface
Figure 4-4. Persistence Lifecycle In the transient state, the object is not associated with a database table. That is, its state has not been saved to a table, and the object has no associated database identity (no primary key has been assigned). Objects in the transient state are non-transactional, meaning that they do not participate in the scope of any transaction bound to a Hibernate Session. After a successful invocation of the save or saveOrUpdate methods an object ceases to be transient and becomes persistent. The Session delete method (or a delete query) produces the inverse effect making a persistent object transient.
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