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For example, the following code identi es the ve query patterns in the Performance database with the highest total duration and returns the output shown in Table 4-9 in my system:
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Building, Packaging, Deploying, and Administering Applications and Types
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scenes, the view query accesses data from other databases on the network, but this is completely transparent to database users and applications. You can also provide derivable information via views; that is, you implement redundancy at the logical level. The COURSE_DAYS view we created in Listing 10-8 is an example, because that view derives the number of course days.
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public static void Main() { Point p; p.x = p.y = 1;
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Analyzing DHCP Traffic
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Part I Introducing Silverlight 3
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to avoid routing loops and speed recovery of the internetwork when topology changes occur
HtmlTextWriter .and .Controls
This code generates the following output:
LiSTing 16-4 Manufacturing procedure
<qresource lang="en"> <file alias="images/flag.png">images/flag_en.png</file> </qresource> <qresource lang="fi"> <file alias="images/flag.png">images/flag_fi.png</file </qresource>
be created.
You need to store a user s user name and password as he or she navigates to different pages on your site, so that you can pass those credentials to the server. Which type of state management should you use
Data Type
In the early days of Windows, many processes had maybe 5 or 6 DLLs loaded into them, but today, some processes have several hundred DLLs loaded into them . Right now, on my machine, Microsoft Office Outlook has about 250 DLLs loaded into its process address space! This means that whenever a new thread is created in Office Outlook, 250 DLL functions must get called before the thread is allowed to do what it was created to do . And these 250 functions must be called again whenever a thread in Outlook dies . Wow this can seriously affect the performance of creating and destroying threads within a process .2 So now, you see all the space and time overhead that is associated with creating a thread, letting it sit around in the system, and destroying it . But the situation gets even worse now we re going to start talking about context switching . A computer with only one CPU in it can do only one thing at a time . Therefore, Windows has to share the actual CPU hardware among all the threads (logical CPUs) that are sitting around in the system . At any given moment in time, Windows assigns one thread to a CPU . That thread is allowed to run for a time-slice (sometimes referred to as a quantum) . When the time-slice expires, Windows context switches to another thread . Every context switch requires that Windows performs the following actions: 1. Save the values in the CPU s registers to the currently running thread s context structure inside the thread s kernel object . 2. Select one thread from the set of existing threads to schedule next . If this thread is owned by another process, then Windows must also switch the virtual address space seen by the CPU before it starts executing any code or touching any data . 3. Load the values in the selected thread s context structure into the CPU s registers . After the context switch is complete, the CPU executes the selected thread until its time-slice expires, and then another context switch happens again . Windows performs context switches about every 30 ms . Context switches are pure overhead; that is, there is no memory or performance benefit that comes from context switches . Windows performs context switching to provide end users with a robust and responsive operating system .
public class PalindromeCheckerCompositeControl : CompositeControl { protected TextBox textboxPalindrome; protected Button buttonCheckForPalindrome; protected Label labelForTextBox; protected LiteralControl literalcontrolPalindromeStatus; public event EventHandler PalindromeFound; ... // RenderContents method removed. }
There are other limitations to error handling without the TRY/CATCH construct . In addition to the error number you get from the @@ERROR function, no other information is available about the error not the message, not the severity, not the state, not the procedure name where the error happened, and so on .
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