7: Developing with HTML5 in visual C#.net

Encoding Data Matrix ECC200 in visual C#.net 7: Developing with HTML5

Figure 7-18 Additional formulas for determining legend labels
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Can be one of: [ SUCCESS | FAILURE | n | substitution-variable | bindvariable ] where SUCCESS is an operating-system dependent exit status signifying successful completion, FAILURE is an operatingsystem dependent exit status signifying failure, and n is a number value. SQL*Plus substitution variables and SQL*Plus bind variables containing numeric values can also be used as return statuses. SUCCESS is the default.
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Now that you have this reference, you can specify the event handler for the PropertyChanged. In Visual Studio, if you type theData and then a period (.), you open the shortcut menu for the available properties, methods, and events. Look down the list, and you ll see the PropertyChanged event available. Select it, and press the Tab key. Then, type +=, and you ll see a tooltip appear with the suggested code. Press Tab to enter this code, and press Tab again to generate the stub for the event handler. The stub looks something like this:
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Unfortunately, with local group policy settings, this solution cannot be applied easily to a single user: It locks out all users you included. To regain access, you must revisit Group Policy Object Editor and change the policy to Disabled or Not Configured. (In a domain environment, you can set group policy at any level to selectively apply restrictions like this.) It s possible to prevent an individual user from using Registry Editor without using group policy. However, if not done properly, this solution (which works in all Windows Vista editions) can lock out the wrong user and you ll need another administrator account to undo the damage. To lock out a particular user only, follow these steps (carefully!): 1. If the user whose access you want to disable has a standard account, change it to an administrator account. (You must have administrative rights to perform this change. Do not use Run As Administrator; doing so applies the restriction to administrator whose credentials you provide instead of the targeted user.) Then log on using that user s credentials. 2. In Registry Editor, navigate to HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows \CurrentVersion\Policies. 3. Select the System subkey. If this key does not exist, create it. 4. Create a new DWORD value named DisableRegistryTools and set it to 1. 5. If you want to change the user to a standard user, log on with your administrator account and demote the user s account.
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LISTING 9-12 Query using AND logic
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as shown in Figure 5-19. This is where you include quantitative information, case studies, charts, graphs, anecdotes, analysis, and any other details that support the Explanation headline in the column to the left.
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Again, this is a trivial plan. And the performance of the ordered partial scan varies depending on the fragmentation level of the index. As you can see, the cost of the query dropped from 19.621100 in the lowest level in the scale to 0.008086 and the elapsed time from more than 8 seconds to 230 milliseconds. Such a drop in run time is common when tuning indexes in an environment with poor index design. When done, drop the last index you created:
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In most home and small business setups, a network bridge is unnecessary and you should use Internet Connection Sharing or a router or residential gateway instead . If you plug a wireless access point into a router, for example, instead of hooking it directly to a broadband connection, it will join the other machines on your Ethernet network . Turn off network address translation on the wireless access point, and allow each networked computer equipped with a wireless adapter to receive its IP address directly from the router s DHCP server . This configuration requires that you dive into the access point s setup software and set some advanced options, but the results are worth it from a security and ease-of-administration point of view .
Inside Microsoft SQL Server 2008: T-SQL Programming
Description Returns a DetailsViewRow object that represents the bottom pager of the control. Gets the current mode for the control any of the values in the DetailsViewMode enumeration. The property determines how bound fields and templates are rendered. Returns the DataKey object for the currently displayed record. The DataKey object contains the key values corresponding to the key fields specified by DataKeyNames. An array specifying the primary key fields for the records being displayed. These keys are used to uniquely identify an item for update and delete operations. Returns a DetailsViewRow object that represents the footer of the control. Returns a DetailsViewRow object that represents the header of the control. Returns the total number of items in the underlying data source bound to the control. Returns the 0-based index for the currently displayed record in the control. The index is relative to the total number of records in the underlying data source. Returns the collection of DataControlField objects for the control that was used to generate the Rows collection. Returns a collection of DetailsViewRow objects representing the individual rows within the control. Only data rows are taken into account. Returns the value of the key for the current record as stored in the DataKey object. Returns a DetailsViewRow object that represents the top pager of the control.
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In 2, I talked about the steps required to build, package, and deploy an assembly. I focused on what s called private deployment, where assemblies are placed in the application s base directory (or a subdirectory thereof) for the application s sole use. Deploying assemblies privately gives a company a large degree of control over the naming, versioning, and behavior of the assembly. In this chapter, I ll concentrate on creating assemblies that multiple applications can access. The assemblies that ship with the Microsoft .NET Framework are an excellent example of globally deployed assemblies because almost all managed applications use types defined by Microsoft in the .NET Framework Class Library (FCL). As I mentioned in 2, Windows has a reputation for being unstable. The main reason for this reputation is the fact that applications are built and tested using code implemented by someone else. After all, when you write an application for Windows, your application is calling into code written by Microsoft developers. Also, a large number of companies out there make controls that application developers can incorporate into their own applications. In fact, the .NET Framework encourages this, and lot more control vendors will likely pop up over time. As time marches on, Microsoft developers and control developers modify their code: they fix bugs, add features, and so on. Eventually, the new code makes its way onto the user s hard disk. The user s applications that were previously installed and working fine are no longer using the same code that the applications were built and tested with. As a result, the applications behavior is no longer predictable, which contributes to the instability of Windows. File versioning is a very difficult problem to solve. In fact, I assert that if you take a file and change just one bit in the file from a 0 to a 1 or from a 1 to a 0, there s absolutely no way to guarantee that code that used the original file will now work just as well if it uses the new version of the file. One of the reasons why this statement is true is that a lot of applications exploit bugs either knowingly or unknowingly. If a later version of a file fixes a bug, the application no longer runs as expected. So here s the problem: how do you fix bugs and add features to a file and also guarantee that you don t break some application I ve given this question a lot of thought and have come to one conclusion: it s just not possible. But, obviously, this answer isn t good enough. Files will ship with bugs, and developers will always want to add new features. There must be a way to distribute new files with the hope that the applications will work just fine. And if the application doesn t work fine, there has to be an easy way to restore the application to its last known good state. In this chapter, I ll explain the infrastructure that the .NET Framework has in place to deal with versioning problems. Let me warn you: what I m about to describe is complicated. I m going to talk about a lot of algorithms, rules, and policies that are built into the common language runtime (CLR). I m also going to mention a lot of tools and utilities that the application developer must use. This stuff is complicated because, as I ve mentioned, the versioning problem is difficult to address and to solve.
Apache installation on Linux will vary greatly depending on your version of Linux. In fact, the recommended procedure for installing on Linux requires downloading the source code files and using a C++ compiler to compile an executable for your flavor of Linux. Such an involved and variable process is beyond the scope of this book, so you ll need to go to the Apache web site (http://httpd.apache.org) for specific instructions to address your needs.
Configuring and Extending a Web Application
Windows Azure
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