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Unfortunately, some very fussy e-mail domains refuse to accept mail that has passed through a mail forwarder, and even those who are not that absolute can end up blocking your e-mail when your ISP gets on their blocklist something you have no control over. The solution is to have a xed IP address on a business-class account with your ISP. This ensures that your IP address is a block of addresses that your ISP won t block, and that other servers on the Internet will recognize as xed addresses. This kind of account is usually a good deal more expensive than a basic oating IP address t account designed for a home user. But you re not a home user, and you ll have far fewer problems if you use a business-class account. The default con guration for Exchange Server is to deliver e-mail to recipients directly, not through a Smart Host. Use that con guration by preference only use a Smart Host if you experience problems sending e-mail or if you re using a service such as Exchange Defender (www.exchangedefender.com) that acts as both an inbound lter and an outbound veri er.
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// C# allows value types to have constructors that take parameters. public SomeValType(Int32 x) { // Looks strange but compiles fine and initializes all fields to 0/null this = new SomeValType(); m_x = x; // Overwrite m_x s 0 with x // Notice that m_y was initialized to 0. }
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