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Personalizing Windows Vista
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90 If the code was written simply as puts 100 - 10, you d get the same result, but it s not as flexible. Using variables, you can get the values for x and y from the user, a file, or some other source. The only logic is the subtraction. As variables are placeholders for values and data, they can also be assigned the results of an expression (such as x = 2 - 1) and be used in expressions themselves (such as x - y + 2). Here s a more complex example: x = 50 y = x * 100 x += y puts x
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The validation controls work in concert with the Page object, the base class for your webpage. ASP.NET uses the Page class and the validation controls together to ensure that data coming from the client is still valid when it gets to the server. The Page class has a Validators property that contains a collection of all the validation controls defined on the page. The Page class also has a Validate method. You call this method to ask the page to check each of the validation controls and determine if anything on the page is not valid.
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which queries your SQL Server table using full dynamic pivoting capabilities . I thought this was quite nifty and original! When you re done, remember to drop the T1 table and the linked servers created in this section:
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<Target Name="PrintMetadata"> <ItemGroup> <MyItem Include="Item06"/> </ItemGroup> <Message Text="@(MyItem->'%(Identity):%(Group)')" /> </Target> </Project>
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The difference between generic versus specific is very important in database design. For example, common words in natural languages such as book and course have both generic and specific meanings. In spoken language, the precise meaning of these words is normally obvious from the context in which they are used.
Windows Small Business Server 2008 includes an updated version of the Remote Web Workplace (RWW). This Web site gives the remote user access to e-mail, her desktop at work, the internal Web site, and any TS RemoteApps enabled remote applications that have been con gured for RWW.
In other words, the code above tests for an exact match, not a compatible match, which is what you would get if you use a cast or C# s is or as operators .
Logical reads 63 Physical reads 7 CPU time 0 ms Elapsed time 189 ms Estimated subtree cost 0.0681399
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7. The final confirmation page displays with a successful message. Click Close. 8. In the Default Solutions window, click Publish All Customizations on the toolbar to publish your new chart. Your newly imported chart is now available.
VPN Deployment
Sharing Customizations between Build De nitions
This example is provided in the Pie 4 worksheet and in Figure 3-30:
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