6: Introducing Qt Quick in C#

Get Data Matrix ECC200 in C# 6: Introducing Qt Quick

3. Click Advanced. The Advanced Security Settings dialog box appears. 4. Click the Auditing tab and, if prompted, click Continue. For each object, you can specify different audit settings for different users.
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string connString = ConfigurationSettings.AppSettings["NorthwindConn"];
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developed with C# and one developed with Visual Basic (CLRUtilities.CLRUtilities.RegexIsMatch versus CLRUtilities.[CLRUtilities.CLRUtilities].RegexIsMatch) . This is quite confusing . The reason for this discrepancy is that Visual Basic creates a root namespace and C# does not . To make the T-SQL code consistent regardless of the .NET language you used, you must prevent the creation of the root namespace when programming with Visual Basic . In Visual Studio, right-click the project, select Properties, and then select the Application page . Clear the Root Namespace text box . In this book I will assume that you did not clear this option; hence, when registering objects you will see a discrepancy in the specified external names .
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C09620245.fm Page 309 Wednesday, June 9, 2004 12:01 PM
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<ComboBox> <ComboBoxItem> <TextBlock Text="Item1"></TextBlock> </ComboBoxItem> <ComboBoxItem> <TextBlock Text="Item2"></TextBlock> </ComboBoxItem> <ComboBoxItem> <TextBlock Text="Item3"></TextBlock> </ComboBoxItem> </ComboBox>
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To test the trigger, issue the following login-related statements for creating, altering, and dropping a login:
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orderyear ordermonth orderday totalqty 2002 2002 2002 2002 2002 4 4 8 8 9 18 NULL 2 NULL 7 22 22 10 10 30
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USE CLRUtilities; IF OBJECT_ID('dbo.SplitTSQL', 'IF') IS NOT NULL DROP FUNCTION dbo.SplitTSQL; GO CREATE FUNCTION dbo.SplitTSQL (@string NVARCHAR(MAX), @separator NCHAR(1) = N',') RETURNS TABLE AS RETURN SELECT (n - 1) - DATALENGTH(REPLACE(LEFT(@string, n - 1), @separator, ''))/2 + 1 AS pos, SUBSTRING(@string, n, CHARINDEX(@separator, @string + @separator, n) - n) AS element FROM dbo.Nums WHERE n <= DATALENGTH(@string)/2 + 1 AND SUBSTRING(@separator + @string, n, 1) = @separator; GO
Table 8-9
FIGURE 4-57 Estimated plan showing a table scan
< php phpinfo(); >
public static String Format(Type enumType, Object value, String format) { // Does the enumerated type have an instance of // the FlagsAttribute type applied to it if (enumType.IsDefined(typeof(FlagsAttribute), false)) { // Yes; execute code treating value as a bit flag enumerated type. ... } else { // No; execute code treating value as a normal enumerated type. ... } ... }
You can then deploy and call this handler without additional configuration. You would call this handler by using the query string, as in the following.
Microsoft Dynamics CRM includes many powerful features, but the ability to create custom entities, including custom activities, through a web-based administration tool ranks as one of the more important ones. By using custom entities, you can easily track additional types of information related to your customers. Custom entities behave almost exactly like the default system entities. Understanding how Microsoft Dynamics CRM structures entity relationships can help you design your system to ensure a smooth implementation. Custom activities are a special type of custom entity that allow you to create new activities that appear and function like the default system activities of phone calls, tasks, letters, emails, and faxes.
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