5: Doing More with Qt in C#

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Configuring Remote Access Connections 10-15
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Inserting SmartArt Graphics
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$query_string); $this->mNextLink = 'index.php ' . $new_query_string; } // Build the Previous link if ($this->mPageNo == 1) $this->mPreviousLink = ''; else { $new_query_string = str_replace('PageNo=' . $this->mPageNo, 'PageNo=' . ($this->mPageNo - 1), $query_string); $this->mPreviousLink = 'index.php ' . $new_query_string; } } // Build links for product details pages $url = $_SESSION['page_link']; if (count($_GET) > 0) $url = $url . '&ProductID='; else $url = $url . ' ProductID='; for ($i = 0; $i < count($this->mProducts); $i++) { $this->mProducts[$i]['link'] = $url . $this->mProducts[$i]['product_id']; } } } > 5. Add the following code at the beginning of index.php, after the reference to app_top.php (app_top.php activates session handling, which is required for the following code to work). This code makes sure to always save the link to the current page if that page is not a product details page. In other words, $_SESSION['page_link'] will always contain the link to the last visited page which is not a product details page. You need to save this value to implement the Continue Shopping button in the product details page, which needs to forward the visitor to the previously visited page. < php // Load Smarty library and config files require_once 'include/app_top.php'; /* If not visiting a product page, save the link to the current page in the page_link session variable; it will be used to create the Continue Shopping link in the product details page and the links to product details pages */
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Table 5-10. Solution to Separating Elements Problem, Step 2
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We can see from this that the system_health event session sends output to a ring buffer target .
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2 User-Defined Functions
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You can also specify floating-point constants (literals) in your SQL statements with a suffix f (single precision) or d (double precision), as shown in Listing 7-1. Listing 7-1. Floating-Point Literals SQL> select 5.1d, 42f from dual; 5.1D 42F ---------- ---------5.1E+000 4.2E+001 SQL> We won t use these two floating-point datatypes in this book. See Oracle SQL Reference for more details.
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If you later delete the A record, the associated PTR record is not automatically
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Index Order Scan: Skipping Rows Step 1:
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using the windows azure service management api
memory of this process. This means more reliable storage of session data because the data is not subject to process recycling and ASP.NET applications failure. The service runs under the ASPNET local account but can be configured using the Service Control Manager interface. The aspnet_regiis.exe utility configures the environment for side-by-side execution of different ASP.NET versions on a single computer. It is also helpful for repairing IIS and ASP.NET broken configurations. The utility works by updating the script maps stored in the IIS metabase root and below. (A script map is an association set between resource types and ASP.NET modules.) Finally, the tool can be used to display the status of all installed versions of ASP.NET and perform other configuration operations such as granting NTFS permissions to specific folders and create client-script directories. A couple of new tools in ASP.NET 2.0, aspnet_regsql and aspnet_compiler, address important features of the environment. The aspnet_regsql tool lets you configure all the SQL Server tables needed to implement a few tasks. (Figure 11-2 shows the tool s user interface.)
To create a user account for VPN connections
Overridden method inherited from System.Object. Returns true if the argument provided is of the same type and value as the instance; otherwise, returns false. Implicit conversion is not used; however, explicitly casting types with the same value will return true. The ToString method inherited from System.Object is overridden and calls ToString() the overloaded IFormattable.ToString method, passing it default formatting arguments. GetHashCode() Overridden. Returns a hash code appropriate to the numeric type. Inherited from System.Object. Returns a Type object for the numeric type. GetType() Converts a string representation of a number to an instance of the numeric Parse() type.
Comparing the APM and the EAP
4. Language Syntax and Features
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