5: Doing More with Qt in visual C#.net

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keywords. In Visual Basic .NET, to define an abstract class and a virtual method, you use the MustInherit and MustOverride keywords, respectively. The Custom Reader's Constructors The XmlCsvReader class comes with a couple of constructors: one takes the name of the file to open, and one, in addition to the file name, takes a Boolean value indicating whether the contents of the first line in the CSV file contains titles of the columns, as shown here: LastName,FirstName,Title Davolio,Nancy,Sales Representative Fuller,Andrew,Sales Manager Leverling,Janet,Sales Representative Both constructors reference an internal helper routine, InitializeClass, that takes care of any initialization steps. public XmlCsvReader(string filename) { InitializeClass(filename, false); } public XmlCsvReader(string filename, bool hasColumnHeaders) { InitializeClass(filename, hasColumnHeaders); } private void hasColumnHeaders) { m_hasColumnHeaders = hasColumnHeaders; m_fileName = filename; m_fileStream = new StreamReader(filename); m_readState = ReadState.Initial; m_tokenValues = new NameValueCollection(); m_currentAttributeIndex = -1; m_currentLine = ""; } In particular, the initialization routine creates a working instance of the StreamReader class and sets the internal state of the reader to the ReadState.Initial value. The CSV reader class needs a number of internal and protected members, as follows: StreamReader m_fileStream; // Stream reader String m_fileName; ReadState m_readState; NameValueCollection m_tokenValues; 48 // Name of the CSV file // Internal read state // Current element node InitializeClass(string filename, bool
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As stated, there are only three possible types of transform modi ers and we will demonstrate all of them in this section. You should note that there is no restriction on what type/order modi ers are declared in the transformation. To start our discussion on transformations we will examine the following le, Transformation01.proj.
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Creating the department Table
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g_pfnOrigFilt = NULL ; if ( NULL != g_ahMod ) { // FIXED BUG: // "HeapFree." VERIFY ( HeapFree ( GetProcessHeap ( ) , 0 g_ahMod g_ahMod = NULL ; // FIXED BUG - Thanks to Gennady Mayko. g_uiModCount = 0 ; } g_pfnCallBack = NULL ; } } else { ASSERT ( FALSE == IsBadCodePtr ( (FARPROC)pFn ) ) ; if ( TRUE == IsBadCodePtr ( (FARPROC)pFn ) ) { return ( FALSE ) ; } g_pfnCallBack = pFn ; // If a custom crash handler isn't already in use, enable // unhandled CrashHandlerExceptionFilter and save the original , ) ) ; Previously, I called "free" instead of
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1. 2. 3. 4.
The Drive Maps setting allows you to create, update, and delete mapped drives and their properties. To create a mapped drive preference item, follow these steps:
Chart Types Conventional and Exceptional
By default, null values are displayed on your computer screen as nothing, as shown earlier in Listings 4-15 and 4-16. You can change this behavior in SQL Developer at the session level. You can specify how null values appear at the session level by modifying the Display NULL Value AS environment setting, available in the SQL Developer Preferences dialog box, shown in Figure 4-5. Select the Tools Preferences menu option to open this dialog box.
FIGURE 4-33 Index order scan: skipping rows
The trigger s code first checks whether zero rows were loaded . If that s the case, it exits . The code then uses an UPDATE statement to assign the current value of the sequence to the variable @key and increment the sequence value by the number of affected rows that is, it acquires a whole block of sequence values in one shot . Next, the trigger issues an INSERT statement that loads all rows from inserted into T1, generating new key values by adding a row number value to @key . The ORDER BY clause of the ROW_NUMBER function has no effect on the assignment order of the row numbers . The value of the constant will be the same in all rows anyway . The reason for using this ORDER BY clause is that it s not optional in the ROW_NUMBER function . Of course, if you want to assign keys based on some specific order, specify the relevant attribute in the ORDER BY clause . To test the trigger, issue the following INSERT statement:
If you define the static IP address pool as a distinct subnet (or set of subnets) logically separate from the subnets to which the remote access server is directly connected, you must configure the routers on your network with information about the new subnet. This configuration is identical to the configuration you would perform if you added a logical subnet to the remote access server s physical network segment. Specifically, the routers on your network must forward packets destined for the remote clients to the remote access server s network segment. For information on configuring routing pro tocols and static routes, see 9, Routing with Windows Server 2003.
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