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Because all object types are ultimately derived from System.Object, you are guaranteed that every object of every type has a minimum set of methods. Specifically, the System.Object class offers the public instance methods listed in Table 4 1. Table 4 1 : Public Methods of System.Object Public Method Equals GetHashCode Description Returns true if two objects have the same value. For more information about this method, see 6. Returns a hash code for this object s value. A type should override this method if its objects are to be used as a key in a hash table. The method should provide a good distribution for its objects. For more information about this method, see 6. By default, returns the full name of the type (this.Get Type().FullName.ToString()). However, it is common to override this method so that it returns a String object containing a string representation of the object s state. For example, the core types, such as Boolean and Int32, override this method to return a string representation of their values. It is also common to override this method for debugging purposes: you can call it and get a string showing the values of the object s fields. Note that ToString is expected to be aware of the CultureInfo associated with the calling thread. 12 discusses ToString in greater detail. Returns an instance of a Type derived object that identifies the type of this object. The returned Type object can be used with the Reflection classes to obtain metadata information about the type. Reflection is discussed in 20. The GetType method is nonvirtual, which prevents a class from overriding the method and lying about its type, violating type safety.
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The complete command-line syntax for Cmd.exe is
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28. Managing Construction
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When you set up an OutputCache directive, you tell ASP .NET to populate this class during the Page class s InitOutputCache method . The Response object makes the HttpCachePolicy available through its Cache property . The name Cache is unfortunate because you might easily confuse it with the application data cache . Perhaps CachePolicy would have been a better name for the property to avoid such confusion . In any case, you can use the HttpCachePolicy class to control the behavior of server-side output caching as well as the headers used for content caching . You can also use the OutputCache directive to control some of the same aspects as the HttpCachePolicy class . However, some features, such as sliding the expiration date or changing the last modified stamp for a page, are available only through the HttpCachePolicy class . For example, Listing 16-1 shows a page fragment ensuring that all origin-server caching for the current response is stopped . It also sets the last modified date to the current date and time .
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6. Answer the following question: Which NAT service can be configured on this tab
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Performance: The database engine handles sorting and searching operations much faster with numerical values than with strings. This becomes even more relevant in the context of working with multiple related tables that need to be frequently joined (you ll learn more about this in 4). Department name changes: If you need to rely on the ID value being stable in time, creating an artificial key solves the problem because it s unlikely you ll ever want to change the ID. In Figure 3-8, the primary key is composed of a single column, but this is not a requirement. If the primary key is set on more than one column, the group of primary key columns (taken as a unit) is guaranteed to be unique, but the individual columns that form the primary key can have repeating values in the table. In 4, you ll see an example of a multivalued primary key. For now, it s enough to know that they exist.
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Take a Practice Test . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 785
On a typical computer running Windows Vista, literally dozens of services are installed by default. What do all of these services do Do you really need to have each of these running Table 25-2 includes a list of services on a typical computer running Windows Vista Ultimate along with a brief description of the service, the account it uses for logon purposes, and our recommendations for setting the startup type (Automatic, Manual, or Disabled).
8. Use the query tool to execute this code, which adds the tax_id column and a new constraint to the orders table from your hatshop database: -- Adding a new field named tax_id to orders table ALTER TABLE orders ADD COLUMN tax_id INTEGER; -- Adding a new foreign key constraint to orders table ALTER TABLE orders ADD CONSTRAINT fk_tax_id FOREIGN KEY (tax_id) REFERENCES tax (tax_id) ON UPDATE RESTRICT ON DELETE RESTRICT; 9. Delete the current shopping_cart_create_order function, and create a new one that takes into consideration the new changes made to the orders table: -- Drop shopping_cart_create_order function DROP FUNCTION shopping_cart_create_order(CHAR(32), INTEGER); -- Create shopping_cart_create_order function CREATE FUNCTION shopping_cart_create_order(CHAR(32), INTEGER, INTEGER, INTEGER) RETURNS INTEGER LANGUAGE plpgsql AS $$ DECLARE inCartId ALIAS FOR $1; inCustomerId ALIAS FOR $2; inShippingId ALIAS FOR $3; inTaxId ALIAS FOR $4; outOrderId INTEGER; cartItem cart_product; orderTotalAmount NUMERIC(10, 2); BEGIN -- Insert a new record into orders INSERT INTO orders (created_on, customer_id, shipping_id, tax_id) VALUES (NOW(), inCustomerId, inShippingId, inTaxId); -- Obtain the new Order ID SELECT INTO outOrderId currval('orders_order_id_seq'); orderTotalAmount := 0; -- Insert order details in order_detail table FOR cartItem IN SELECT p.product_id, p.name, COALESCE(NULLIF(p.discounted_price, 0), p.price) AS price, sc.quantity, COALESCE(NULLIF(p.discounted_price, 0), p.price) * sc.quantity AS subtotal FROM shopping_cart sc INNER JOIN product p ON sc.product_id = p.product_id WHERE sc.cart_id = inCartId AND sc.buy_now
5. Great! You just finished writing the new error-handling code. Let s test it. First, load the web site in your browser to see that you typed in everything correctly. If you get no errors, test the new error-handling system by adding the following line to include/app_top.php: < php // Include utility files require_once 'include/config.php'; require_once BUSINESS_DIR . 'error_handler.php'; // Sets the error handler ErrorHandler::SetHandler(); // Load the page template require_once PRESENTATION_DIR . 'page.php'; // Try to load inexistent file require_once 'inexistent_file.php'; > Now load again index.php in your browser, and admire your brand new error message as shown in Figure 2-10.
Networking, Sockets, and Daemons
If you encounter a problem completing an exercise, you can find the completed projects in the samples installed from this book s companion CD. For more information about the project files and other content on the CD, see Using the Companion Media in this book s Introduction.
Listing 31-67. Visual Basic example of using blank lines between routines.
Figure 1-1: The debugging process Step 1: Duplicate the Bug The most critical step in the debugging process is the first one: duplicating the bug. This is sometimes difficult, or even impossible, but if you can't duplicate a bug, you probably can't eliminate it. When trying to duplicate a bug, you might need to go to extremes. I had one bug in my code that I couldn't duplicate just by running the program. I had an idea of the data conditions that might cause it, however, so I ran the program under the debugger and entered the data I needed to duplicate the bug directly into memory. It worked. If you're dealing with a synchronization problem, you might need to take steps such as loading the same tasks so that you can duplicate the state in which the bug occurred. At this point you're probably thinking, "Well, duh! Of course the first thing you do is duplicate the bug. If I could duplicate it all the time, I wouldn't need your book!" It all depends on your definition of "duplicatability." My definition is duplicating the bug on a single machine once in a 24-hour period. That's sufficient for my company to come in to work on it. Why Simple. If you can get it on one machine, you can throw 30 machines at it and get the bug duplicated 30 times. The big mistake people make with duplicating the bug is to not get as many machines as possible into the mix. If you have 30 people to manually punch keys for you, that's great. However, a valuable effort would be to automate the user interface to drive the bug out into the open. You can use either the Tester application from 17 or a commercial automated regression testing tool. Once you've duplicated the bug by using one general set of steps, you should evaluate whether you can duplicate the bug through a different set of steps. You can get to some bugs via one code path only, but you can get to other bugs through multiple paths. The idea is to try to see the behavior from all possible angles. By duplicating the bug from multiple paths, you have a much better sense of the data and boundary conditions that are causing the problems. Additionally, as we all know, some bugs can mask other bugs. The more ways you can find to duplicate a bug, the better off you'll be.
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