4: Beginning Qt Development in .net C#

Generating barcode data matrix in .net C# 4: Beginning Qt Development

A struct is a data structure that is similar to a class. The most important differences between classes and structs are a consequence of structs being a value type:
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A. Menu B. TreeView c. SiteMapDataSource D. SiteMapPath
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5. Click Start Scan. When the scan is complete, a report is displayed summarizing the scan results, as shown in Figure 12-7.
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// Create a two dimension array of Doubles. Double[,] myDoubles = new Double[10, 20]; // Create a three dimension array of String references. String[,,] myStrings = new String[5, 3, 10];
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} // 2. Delegate type defining the prototype of the callback method // that receivers must implement public delegate void MailMsgEventHandler( Object sender, MailMsgEventArgs args); // 3. The event itself public event MailMsgEventHandler MailMsg; // 4. Protected, virtual method responsible for notifying registered // objects of the event protected virtual void OnMailMsg(MailMsgEventArgs e) { // Has any objects registered interest with the event if (MailMsg != null) { // Yes notify all the objects in the delegate linked list. MailMsg(this, e); } } // 5. Method that translates the input into the desired event. // This method is called when a new e mail message arrives. public void SimulateArrivingMsg(String from, String to, String subject, String body) { // Construct an object to hold the information you want // to pass to the receivers of the notification. MailMsgEventArgs e = new MailMsgEventArgs(from, to, subject, body); // Call the virtual method notifying the object that the event // occurred. If no derived type overrides this method, the object // will notify all the registered listeners. OnMailMsg(e); } }
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GRADE LOWERLIMIT UPPERLIMIT BONUS ----- ---------- ---------- ----4 2001 3000 200 5 3001 9999 500 SQL> COL bonus FOR 9999.99 SQL> / GRADE LOWERLIMIT UPPERLIMIT BONUS ----- ---------- ---------- -------4 2001 3000 200.00 5 3001 9999 500.00 SQL> If you want to save all your current SQL*Plus settings in a file (a SQL*Plus script file), use the STORE SET command. See Listing 2-23 for the syntax of this command. Listing 2-23. SQL*Plus STORE SET Command Syntax SQL> STORE SET <filename>[.sql] [REPLACE|APPEND] The brackets in Listing 2-23 (around .sql and REPLACE|APPEND) are part of a common syntax notation convention to denote optional command clauses. This convention is also used in Appendix A of this book. In this convention, a vertical bar (|) can be used to separate optional choices, as in [REPLACE|APPEND]. Uppercase components such as SET and APPEND should be entered verbatim; lowercase components (such as <filename>) should be replaced (in this case) by a file name of your own choice. See Appendix A for more details. If you have saved all SQL*Plus settings in a script file by using the STORE SET command, you can restore those settings at any time using the START (or @) command. This allows you to write SQL*Plus scripts that capture all SQL*Plus settings at the beginning, change various settings during script execution, and then restore the original settings at the end of the script.
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AssemblyFileVersion This version number is stored in the Win32 version resource . This number is for information purposes only; the CLR doesn t examine this version number in any way . Typically, you set the major and minor parts to represent the version you want the public to see . Then you increment the build and revision parts each time a build is performed . Ideally, Microsoft s tool (such as CSC .exe or AL .exe) would automatically update the build and revision numbers for you (based on the date and time when the build was performed), but unfortunately, they don t . This version number can be seen when using Windows Explorer and is typically used to identify a specific version of an assembly when troubleshooting a customer s system . AssemblyInformationalVersion This version number is also stored in the Win32 version resource, and again, this number is for information purposes only; the CLR
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One of the reasons the example slide does not guide attention is that it uses a category heading like those you see in almost all PowerPoint presentations. A category heading like Focus Areas can help you quickly brainstorm a list of information, but as you can see here, it does nothing to guide you to a quick understanding of what is the most important information on the slide. Simply categorizing and listing information does not entail the critical thinking it takes to determine the point of the lists in the rst place. Category headings don t say anything speci c, and to uncover the mystery of what you are trying to communicate when you use them, your audience members need to invest extra capacity of working memory they don t have to connect all the dots of the bullet points below the headings. And these headings put an extra burden on you and your audience as you both struggle to see the focus of your ideas through the sequence of slides in your presentation. As your audience views these headings and their corresponding stacks of bulleted lists, slide after slide, it s no wonder that they nd the presentation unfocused, hard to understand, and overwhelmed with unnecessary details. The background of the example slide offers no visual guidance related to the topic, and although the slide includes a photograph of a handshake, it does not illustrate the speci c point of the slide and was likely added to spice it up. This runs counter to the research that shows that the less you overload working memory with extraneous information, the more people learn.
EXEC sp_control_plan_guide N'DROP', N'PG_GetOrders_Selective';
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Using the Small Business Server Connect Computer Wizard
Notification The Zone Transfers tab also allows you to configure notification to sec ondary servers. To perform this task, click Notify on the Zone Transfers tab when zone transfers are enabled. This action opens the Notify dialog box, as shown in Figure 5-25, in which you can specify secondary servers that should be notified whenever a zone update occurs at the local master server. By default, when zone transfers are enabled, all servers listed on the Name Servers tab are automatically notified of zone changes.
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