3: Working with the Nokia Qt SDK in visual C#

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Both queries return Sales as the referencing schema name and CustsWithOrders as the referencing object name, telling you that the Sales .CustsWithOrders view depends on the Sales .Customers table, and more specifically on the Sales.Customers.address column .
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FIGURE 2-15 The conventional PowerPoint approach does not incorporate the dual-channels concept and
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Call a WCF service from client script by using ASP.NET AJAX. Follow the pattern discussed in Lesson 1, and apply it to WCF.
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Query the T1 table after running this INSERT, and notice in the output shown in Table 4-8 that the insert generated the key value 5, which was the minimum missing key: SELECT * FROM dbo.T1;
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6 Entity: Fields and Option Sets
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value 2006-01-01 00:00:00.000 Y 13.700 XYZ 20 2005-01-01 00:00:00.000
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What Causes Finalize Methods to Get Called
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A validating reader can parse only an XML document for which a reader is provided as well as any XML fragments accessible through a string or an open stream. In the section "Under the Hood of the Validation Process," on page 89, we'll look more closely at the internal architecture of an XML validating reader. In the meantime, let's analyze more closely the programming interface of such a class, starting with properties. XmlValidatingReader Properties Table 3-1 lists the key public properties exposed by the XmlValidatingReader class. This table does not include those properties defined in the XmlReader base class for which the XmlValidatingReader class simply mirrors the behavior of the underlying reader. Refer to 2 for more information about the base properties of XmlReader. Table 3-1: Key Properties of the XmlValidatingReader Class Property Description Always returns true because the XML validating reader CanResolveEntity can always resolve entities. Indicates how entities are handled. Allowable values for EntityHandling this property come from the EntityHandling enumeration. The default value is ExpandEntities, which means that all entities are expanded. If set to ExpandCharEntities, only character entities are expanded (for example, '). General entities are returned as EntityReference node types. Namespaces Indicates whether namespace support is requested. NameTable Reader Gets the name table object associated with the underlying reader. Gets the XmlReader object used to construct this instance of the XmlValidatingReader class. The return value can be cast to a more specific reader type, such as XmlTextReader. Any change entered directly to the underlying reader object can lead to unpredictable results. Use the XmlValidatingReader interface to manipulate the properties of the underlying reader. Gets an XmlSchemaCollection object that holds a 63
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Note If the Worksheet contains more than one statement, the statements must be terminated with a ; or / (on a separate line). If they are not properly terminated, the session will return an error message ORA-00933: SQL command not properly ended .
Endline comments are comments that appear at the ends of lines of code. Here s an example:
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An Overview of GUI App Development in Ruby
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