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The .NET Framework XSLT Processor
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Each of these component types has different capabilities and functionality in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Further, you can select existing components from a Microsoft Dynamics CRM organization or create your own. As a consequence of the variety and complexity each component presents, we ll review each component type. We ve got a lot to say about some of the more complex components, so you ll learn more about them in subsequent chapters.
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If you ve chosen to use a different IP address range for your SBS network than the one you re currently con gured to use, now is a good time to change it by following these steps:
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Now run it again, but this time within an explicit transaction:
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As you have seen, you use the From keyword to indicate a range variable and a data source for your LINQ query. The range variable is like the variable in a For Each loop. The compiler infers this type, so you need not declare it. In the following example, the From keyword is used with the emp range variable against a data source, employees.
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DECLARE @polygon GEOMETRY; SET @polygon = (SELECT GEOM FROM Polygons WHERE NAME = 'Area1'); SELECT NAME FROM Points WHERE @polygon.STDistance(GEOM) <= .4;
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Managing User Profiles
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ASP .NET has used this temporary directory strategy since version 1 .0 . The reason ASP .NET copies these files to a temporary directory is to solve a long-standing problem that plagued classic ASP . Classic ASP Web sites often depended on COM objects to do complex operations such as database lookups and transactions . When you deploy a classic ASP site and clients begin accessing it, those files become locked . Of course, that s not really a problem until you decide to upgrade or modify part of the Web site . Classic ASP locked files during execution, meaning you couldn t copy new files into the virtual directory without shutting down the Web site . For many Web deployment scenarios, this is a bad option . Because ASP .NET copies the files and the components to the temporary directory and runs them from there, they re not locked . When it is time to update a component, you can simply copy the new assembly into the virtual directory . You can do that because it s not locked .
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Understanding Disk Management Terminology
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16. On the Phone Book Bitmap page, click Next.
Log Writer
MoveNext() By default, the cursor is positioned before the first element in the enumeration. The MoveNext method advances the cursor returning true if the cursor was successfully advanced to the next element and false if the cursor has moved past the last element. The first call to MoveNext should position the cursor at the first collection element. In common with Java, .NET enumerators are not thread safe, and when implementing IEnumerator, take care to provide a copy of the elements or to ensure that modifications cannot be made to the underlying data while the enumerator is in use. The following example demonstrates use of IEnumerator and IEnumerable:
Creating the Product Catalog: Part I
Fill in the elds according to the table you created, making sure to scroll to the end of the le so you don t miss any. Click Print to print a copy of the settings to the default printer if you want a hard copy of the settings.
Dynamic Data, XBAP, MVC, AJAX, and Silverlight
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1042 Appendix B Working with the Command Prompt
Create a service contract
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