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18. Table-Driven Methods
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Adding the Web Part to a Web Part Page
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s The home page of your Joomla site is called the Frontpage by the Joomla system. The Frontpage Tip Manager is a shorthand way of examining the content that will be displayed on the Frontpage. If you want to do a quick check of the home screen contents, you can easily jump to the manager through the Frontpage Manager menu option or the Frontpage button on the Control Panel. All of the Frontpage material also remains available through the Article Manager.
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Finalization list queue
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nonapplicable for the rows in which they appear. You can get rid of NULLs for attributes that are not applicable if you introduce subtypes. For the bottom-up approach, tables that have many columns with similar or even the same names probably need a supertype table. Note that you are again dependent on a good naming convention. Figure 3-15 shows entities that need generalization.
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Around 80 percent of PSS support calls regarding certificate usage are due to incorrectly published CA certificate and CRL information. Seth Scruggs, PSS Support Engineer The best way to prevent revocation checking attacks is to ensure that revocation checking publication points are accessible by all users at all times. The certificate-chaining engine must have access to the CRL and CA certificate for each CA in the certificate chain or to the OCSP responder for each CA in the chain if using OCSP for revocation checking. If any CA in the certificate chain s CRL, CA certificate, or OCSP responder is not available, the chaining engine will prevent that certificate from being used if certificate revocation is enabled. You can ensure that the clients can contact the CRL distribution point or OCSP responder by hosting the URLs on clustered servers or load-balancing clusters with very high availability. When you define the CDP and AIA URLs, ensure that you order the URLs so that the majority of applications performing revocation checking can access the primary URL. In Figure 10-2, the URLs are ordered so that an HTTP URL is the primary URL and LDAP is the secondary URL. This ordering allows non-Windows computers to access the CRL or CA certificate from the primary URL without having to resort to the secondary URL.
Using Server Controls
Publishing an Existing Instance
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