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Notice that you can configure a queue with an email address. By doing so, someone could send a message to the queue s email address and automatically create an item in the queue. The incoming email settings let you configure which type of email messages sent to the queue should create an item. Imagine that a sample organization, Adventure Works Cycle, created the email address to handle all incoming customer support requests. The goal of this support alias is to allow the Adventure Works customer service representatives to monitor incoming support requests in a single location so that they can resolve all requests in a timely manner. Adventure Works Cycle would create a queue called Bicycle Cases and configure the queue s email address as Then, every email message sent to would create a queue item in the Bicycle Cases queue.
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This creates a le that has a list of all the Exchange-speci c Windows PowerShell commands. If you see a command that looks like it might do what you want, such as creating a new distribution list, get some help with that command:
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Part II
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Earlier in this chapter, I mentioned that you cannot define a method as part of an enumerated type . And, for many years, this has saddened me because there are many occasions when I would love to have been able to supply some methods to my enumerated type . Fortunately, I can now use C# s relatively new extension method feature (discussed in 8, Methods ) to simulate adding methods to an enumerated type . If I want to add some methods to the FileAttributes enumerated type, I can define a static class with extension methods as follows:
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Windows also includes a second command-line tool for file-system and disk management, called Fsutil. This utility allows you to find files by security identifier (SID), change the short name of a file, and perform other esoteric tasks.
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. 1 . . Add a cache profile to the site s web .config file . If web .config isn t already there, go ahead and add one to the project . Then, add a cache profile to web .config nested between the system .web opening and closing tags . Name the cache profile profile .
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Figure 7-11 shows the (simplified) syntax of the CREATE INDEX command.
# Install wxWidgets contrib modules. cd contrib/ make make install 3. Download the latest version of pgAdmin III source code from http:// 4. Unpack, build, and install the source code: tar -zvxf pgadmin3-1.4.3.tar.gz cd pgadmin3-1.4.3 ./configure make all make install
if ( ( denominator != 0 ) && ( ( item / denominator ) > MIN_VALUE ) ) ...
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This routine was really slow, and since the value of log(2) never changed, I replaced log(2) with its computed value, 0.69314718. Then the code looked like this:
Q. How do I install a computer certificate on a VPN server
Network Interface Layer
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[Serializable] class SomeType { }
Listing 9-24. Data definition language for employees with materialized paths
Next, you define the version number. Typically, version numbers for Ruby projects (and for Ruby itself) contain three parts in order of significance. Early versions of software before an official release, perhaps often begin with 0, as in 0.0.1 here: s.version = '0.0.1' The summary line is displayed by gem list, and can be useful to people prior to installing the gem. Simply put together a short description of your library/gem here: s.summary = "StringExtend adds useful features to the String class" The files attribute accepts an array of all the files to include within the gem. In this case, you use Dir.glob to get an array of all the files under the current directory: s.files = Dir.glob("**/**/**") However, you could explicitly reference every file in an array in the preceding line. The test_files attribute, like the files attribute, accepts an array of files, in this case associated with tests. You can leave this line intact even if you have no test folder, as Dir.glob will just return an empty array. For example: s.test_files = Dir.glob("test/*_test.rb") Last, sometimes libraries rely on features in certain versions of Ruby. You can specify the required version of Ruby with the require_ruby_version parameter. If there s no required version, you can simply omit this line: s.required_ruby_version = '>= 1.8.2'
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