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Implementing Secure Network Administration Procedures
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This example specifies that assemblies should be searched for in the dir1, dir2\subdirectory, and dir3 directories, relative to the location of the application; the shared assemblies that an application uses must be included in the distribution that is installed on the system. Including shared assemblies with an application distribution means that a single copy cannot be shared among multiple applications unless applications share the same installation directory. The techniques that are described in the "Assembly Version Policies" section earlier in this appendix cannot be applied to applications that rely on assembly probing but can be used to locate private, as well as shared, assemblies.
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Temporal Support in the Relational Model
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Create Services
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Core Facilities
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To save the table as a web page, follow these steps: 1. Select the table, then choose File Save as Web Page from the menu to open the Save As dialog box. 2. Choose the Selection option to save only the selected table. 3. Enter a file name (SalesTargetsTable). 4. Click the Publish button to open the Publish as Web Page dialog box (see Figure 7-17).
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publicstructParallelLoopResult{ // Returns false if the operation was ended prematurely public Boolean IsCompleted { get; } public Int64 LowestBreakIteration{ get; } }
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Using Windows Photo Gallery
Operating system if the backup is on the same physical disk as one or System state and operating system if the more critical volumes. backup contains all the critical volumes. Files, folders, applications, and volumes. Files, folders, applications, and volumes. System state and operating system recoveries if the backup used contains all the critical volumes.
arguments . This class acts as a factory for creating Tuple objects, and it exists simply to simplify your code . Here is a rewrite of the MinMax method shown earlier using the static Tuple class:
Note It should be noted that the FCL now includes a new set of generic collection classes
Now it s time to implement the admin_orders componentized template. Follow the steps from the next exercise to make the magic happen.
types . In other words, variance is not possible for value types because boxing would be required . In my opinion, this restriction is what makes these variance features not that useful . For example, if I have the following method:
As you can see, once you get used to working with Expression Blend, it can save you quite a bit of typing. This will make laying out your applications a much faster and easier task.
4 End of the loop (useful for longer, nested loops although the need for such a comment indicates overly complicated code) Purpose of the conditional Purpose of the loop. Position of comment makes it clear
Avoid predefined types If there is any possibility that a type might change, avoid using predefined types anywhere but in typedef or type definitions. It s easy to create new types that are functionally oriented, and it s hard to change data in a program that uses hardwired types. Moreover, use of functionally oriented type declarations partially documents the variables declared with them. A declaration like Coordinate x tells you a lot more about x than a declaration like float x. Use your own types as much as you can. Don t redefine a predefined type Changing the definition of a standard type can create confusion. For example, if your language has a predefined type Integer, don t create your own type called Integer. Readers of your code might forget that you ve redefined the type and assume that the Integer they see is the Integer they re used to seeing. Define substitute types for portability In contrast to the advice that you not change the definition of a standard type, you might want to define substitutes for the standard types so that on different hardware platforms you can make the variables represent exactly the same entities. For example, you can define a type INT and use it instead of int, or a type LONG instead of long. Originally, the only difference between the two types would be their capitalization. But when you moved the program to a new
1 . First, avoid specifying font sizes or using colors that might be difficult to read.
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