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A set operation operates on two input tables, each resulting from a query speci cation. For simplicity s sake, I ll just use the term inputs in this section to describe the input tables of the set operations. UNION returns the uni ed set of rows from both inputs, EXCEPT returns the rows that appear in the rst input but not the second, and INTERSECT returns rows that are common to both inputs. ANSI SQL:1999 de nes native operators for all three set operations, each with two nuances: one optionally followed by DISTINCT (the default) and one followed by ALL. SQL Server supports two nuances of the UNION set operation (UNION and UNION ALL) and only one nuance of the EXCEPT and INTERSECT set operations. Currently, SQL Server does not support the optional use of DISTINCT for set operations. This is not a functional limitation because DISTINCT is implied when you don t specify ALL. I will provide alternative techniques to achieve the set operations that are missing in the product. Like joins, these set operations always operate on only two inputs, generating a virtual table as the result. You might feel comfortable calling the input tables left and right, as with joins, or you might feel more comfortable referring to them as the rst and second input tables. Before I describe each set operation in detail, let s deal with a few technicalities regarding how set operations work. The two inputs must have the same number of columns, and corresponding columns must have the same data type or at least be implicitly convertible. The column names of the result are determined by the rst input. An ORDER BY clause is not allowed in the individual table expressions. All other logical processing phases (joins, ltering, grouping, and so on) are supported on the individual queries. Conversely, ORDER BY is the only logical processing phase supported directly on the nal result of a set operation. If you specify an ORDER BY clause at the end of the query, it is applied to the nal result set. None of the other logical processing phases is allowed directly on the result of a set operation. I will provide alternatives later in the chapter. Set operations work on complete rows from the two input tables. Note that when comparing rows between the inputs, set operations treat NULLs as equal, just like identical known values. In this regard, set operations are not like query lters (ON, WHERE, HAVING), which as you recall do not treat NULLs as equal.
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Managing Disk Space
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Page 105 CHAPTER 7 Starting a New Presentation After gathering the content you want to include in your presentation, you can now import your content into Microsoft Producer and start creating your presentation. The first step is to start Producer and begin your new project. You will see a dialog box like the one in Figure 7.1. The method you use to begin your project is up to you. When you first start using Producer, you might find it helpful to use the New Presentation Wizard because it walks you through the process of starting a new presentation step-by-step. However, as you become more experienced with Producer, you might want to begin your presentation by starting with a new, blank project.
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<%@ Page Language="C#" %> <%@ Import namespace="System.Data" %> <%@ Import namespace="System.Data.SqlClient" %> <script runat="server"> protected void Page_Load(Object sender, EventArgs e) { DataSet ds = null; ds = (DataSet)Cache["SomeData"]; if (ds == null) { string connectionString = ConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings["connectionString"]. ConnectionString; SqlDataAdapter da = new SqlDataAdapter("select * from DBName.tableName", connectionString); ds = new DataSet(); da.Fill(ds); SqlCacheDependency sqlCacheDependency = new SqlCacheDependency("DBName", "tableName"); Cache.Insert("SomeData", ds, sqlCacheDependency); } GridView1.DataSource = ds; DataBind(); } </script> <html><body> <form id="form1" runat="server"> <asp:GridView ID="GridView1" runat="server"> </asp:GridView> </form> </body></html>
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Communicating and Collaborating: People and Processes
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Page 19
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Inside Microsoft SQL Server 2008: T-SQL Querying
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Objective 5.1 Questions 1.
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Deleting Columns from a List
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The New Look of Office OneNote 2007
Because the network ID bits must always be chosen in a contiguous fashion from the high-order (leftmost) bits, a shorthand way of expressing a subnet mask is to denote the number of bits that define the network ID as a network prefix. The subnet mask can then be expressed using network prefix notation: IP address /network prefix. For example, the IP address and subnet mask can be designated more simply by the notation The 16 after the slash represents the number of 1-bits used in this particular subnet mask. Similarly, /24 designates a subnet mask of for a Class C address such as
Note In Visual Studio s editor, if you type in partial and press the spacebar, the IntelliSense
UAC is probably the most talked-about feature in Windows Vista. It is even the subject of advertisements from rival software vendors. It is hard to say whether to be flattered or annoyed that Microsoft s competitors are now advertising their products as more desirable because Windows is too secure. Regardless, UAC is a critical step for Windows. The status quo, where users run as administrators to get normal tasks done, is unacceptable and has led to a malware pandemic. Only by helping users run as nonadministrators can we ever hope to stem the flood of malware and reduce desktop total cost of ownership (TCO). The future is one where users only use administrative privileges where necessary. UAC is a step in that direction, but it will only work if people use it, and if they demand that their ISVs get software that works as a standard user. You can do your part in protecting the IT ecosystem by using UAC, and by buying software that works with it and rejecting software that does not.
Next, add a Click event to the ButtonSave button defined in step 11 (onclick="ButtonSave_ Click"). This Click event will execute the insert query defined in step 12 and result in a new row being added to the Suppliers table in the database. At the end of this event, rebind the GridView control. The following code shows an example.
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