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Click Next and then click Finish to create the le.
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The logging and tracing aspect will allow us to trap method calls from specific packages and cause log statements to be issued without polluting the application code with logging statements. For the actual logging we will use the Jakarta Commons Logging package (http://, which provides a useful abstraction over the most common logging packages including Log4J and the JSE Logging. In AspectJ an aspect is defined using syntax that is an extension of the Java language. Beside the special constructs provided by AspectJ, any other valid Java code is by definition valid code in an AspectJ file. The simplest, empty aspect we can create in AspectJ is public aspect LoggingAndTracingAspect {} As you can see, the keyword aspect is an extension to the Java language. Of course, the aspect previously defined doesn t do anything at all. First, let us add code to determine where our aspect will be applied. In AOP lingo, we are going to define pointcuts that will be used by the AspectJ compiler to decide at which join points the aspect will be applied. Join points are points in the dynamic call graph. In AspectJ there are several kinds of join points: Method and constructor call Method and constructor execution Field get and set Exception handler execution Static and dynamic initialization Advice execution The definition of the aspect s pointcuts is the criteria for when to use the aspect and it is provided via a rich pointcut expression language (as well as Java 1.5 annotations and XML-based syntax). Let s start with defining a pointcut called traceMethods that
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Writing and Reading Application State Data
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Design Research
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Yes Typically, no. Varies depending on vendor. Varies depending on vendor Varies depending on vendor
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USE tempdb; GO -- Create index to speed sorting siblings by empname, empid CREATE UNIQUE INDEX idx_unc_mgrid_empname_empid ON dbo.Employees(mgrid, empname, empid); GO DECLARE @root AS INT; SET @root = 1; -- CTE with two numbers: 1 and 2 WITH TwoNumsCTE AS ( SELECT 1 AS n UNION ALL SELECT 2 ), -- CTE with two binary sort paths for each node: -One smaller than descendants sort paths -One greater than descendants sort paths SortPathCTE AS ( SELECT empid, 0 AS lvl, n, CAST(n AS VARBINARY(MAX)) AS sortpath FROM dbo.Employees CROSS JOIN TwoNumsCTE WHERE empid = @root UNION ALL SELECT C.empid, P.lvl + 1, TN.n,
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The result of this XAML is shown in Figure 4-23.
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Figure 12-2: Comparing documents in Microsoft Word. Who Wears What Hat
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relationships between them from the following URL: details.aspx FamilyID=531c53e7-8a2a-4375-8f2f-5d799aa67b5c&displaylang=en.
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Logical reads 3976 CPU time 0 ms Elapsed time 545 ms Estimated subtree cost 3.22853
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Inside Microsoft SQL Server 2008: T-SQL Programming
Lesson 4 Review
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Figure 5-18 The three different line types place different demands on the design .
Request and ACK
The java.math Package
Entity Customization: Custom Entities and Activities
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