scanner to insert pictures of documents, a pen tablet to make sketches, a video camera to insert video clips, and a microphone to collect sound. When you ve collected these multimedia elements, arrange them on each of the six PowerPoint slides to create six collages. Size the different elements according to how important you think each is to your audience for example, if mobility is most important, make the picture of a car larger than less important elements. Present the le to your team as you discuss what it s like to spend a day in your audience s shoes in the context of these six slides. Then open your story template and start working on Act I. Discuss with your team how well the headlines match the collages, and then edit the headlines to provide a good t. The better your Act I story matches the reality of your audience s lives, the better your presentation.
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If a TCP/IP host needs to communicate with a host on another network, it usually does so through a router. Routers contain multiple interfaces connected to separate networks, and routing is the process of receiving IP packets at one interface and sending these packets out another interface toward a final destination. For a given host on a TCP/IP network, the default gateway is the IP address of a router, within broadcast range, that is configured to forward IP traffic to other networks. When a computer attempts to communicate with another host on an IP network, the computer uses the subnet mask to determine whether the destination host is local or remote. If the destination is a host on the local network segment, the computer simply sends the packet on the local network by means of a broadcast. If, however, the destina tion is a remote host, the computer forwards the packet to the default gateway defined in its TCP/IP properties. The router specified at the default gateway address is then responsible for forwarding the packet to the correct network.
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Are people using your CRM system How are people using your CRM system How is a specific user interacting with your CRM system
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Windows Vista Editions at a Glance
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private void SomeMethod() { try { // } catch // } catch // } catch //
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Creating and Consuming a WCF service
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From the Themes list, you can choose one of seven ready-made themes, change the standard transition effects (the subtle Fade or the more dramatic Pan and Zoom), and apply black-and-white or sepia tones to the images in the show. The settings menu to the left of the Exit button offers the same choices as a basic slide show, plus the option to mute any background music that might be playing.
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Inside Microsoft SQL Server 2008: T-SQL Programming
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INSERT INTO dbo.Sales(empid, dt, qty, val) VALUES (1, '20100212', 10, 100.00), (1, '20100213', 30, 330.00), (1, '20100214', 20, 200.00), (2, '20100212', 40, 450.00), (2, '20100213', 10, 100.00), (2, '20100214', 50, 560.00); GO -- Create SalesRunningSum procedure CREATE PROCEDURE dbo.SalesRunningSum AS EXTERNAL NAME CLRUtilities.CLRUtilities.SalesRunningSum; GO -- Test SalesRunningSum procedure EXEC dbo.SalesRunningSum; GO
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LIST LIST n (or just n) CHANGE/old/new/ APPEND txt INPUT DEL [x [y]]
Advanced Use to spell out the profiles, interface types, and whether edge traversal is
Dim cmd As OleDb.OleDbCommand cn = New OleDbConnection("Provider=SQLOLEDB;" + _ "Data Source=localhost;Integrated Security=SSPI;" + _ "Initial Catalog=Northwind") cn.Open() cmd = New OleDbCommand("UPDATE Territories " + _ "SET TerritoryDescription= Brick Township " + _ " WHERE TerritoryID= 08724 ") cmd.Connection = cn Try cmd.ExecuteNonQuery() Catch dbe As System.Data.OleDb.OleDbException Label1.Text = "Exception while Updating Record! " + _ dbe.ToString() End Try
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<RoleService Id= Web-Request-Monitor /> <RoleService Id= Web-Windows-Auth /> <RoleService Id= Web-Filtering /> <RoleService Id= Web-Stat-Compression /> <RoleService Id= Web-Mgmt-Console /> <RoleService Id= Web-Metabase /> <RoleService Id= Web-WMI /> <RoleService Id= Web-Lgcy-Scripting /> <RoleService Id= Web-Lgcy-Mgmt-Console /> <Feature Id= windows-internal-db /> <Feature Id= WAS /> </ServerManagerConfiguration>
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Figure 7-9. Dial-In Constraints interface.
Extend Your Insight with Office Excel 2007
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