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The DiffGram Viewer Application
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The Basics The biggest problem people face when dealing with WinDBG is getting it set up and wading through a ton of spewed output. I want to turn to a few issues that will help you get past some of those hurdles so that you don't have to bear the scars of learning them. Finally, I'll cover some of the odd quirks of WinDBG so that they won't surprise you and leave you scratching you head wondering what went wrong. The big thing to remember about WinDBG is that it's kind of a retro debugger. (Heck, the console-based NTSD.EXE should bring tears to some old-timer's eyes!) To that end, it doesn't help you much. Whereas Visual Studio .NET will assist you when it comes to finding symbols and source code, you have to tell WinDBG exactly where to look to find things. If you're debugging a program built on the same machine you're debugging on, the Microsoft Visual C++ .NET compiler and linker embed the complete path to symbols and, inside the PDB, the path to any source files so that you won't have any problems. However, getting the symbols and source lined up if you didn't build the binaries on your debugging machine takes a little doing.
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Java Example of a Sorting Algorithm That Uses Recursion
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System (non-customizable)
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Shoes is completely separate from your usual Ruby installation, so you need to download it and install it fresh. This is very simple. Go to, and the links you need are right there. Downloads are offered for Mac OS X, Linux, and Windows. Download the one for your operating system and open or execute the downloaded file to get Shoes installed. Shoes installation procedure is not particularly unique, so hopefully you should find it simple to install.
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There are four options to configure regarding how updates are downloaded and installed on your computer: datamatrix generator
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Network Monitor
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Managing Users and Groups
Lesson 1: Understanding the ASP.NET Life Cycle and Handling Events
All levels of RAID, except RAID 0, provide higher availability than a single drive. However, if availability is expanded to also include the overall performance level during failure mode, some RAID levels provide de nite advantages over others. Speci cally, RAID 1 and its derivatives, RAID 10 and RAID 0+1, provide enhanced availability when compared to RAID levels 3, 4, 5, and 6 during failure mode. The performance degradation is minimal when compared to a single disk if one half of a mirror fails, whereas a RAID 5 or RAID 6 array has substantially compromised performance until the failed disk is replaced and the array is rebuilt. In addition, RAID systems that are based on an array of arrays can provide higher availability than RAID levels 1 through 6. Running on multiple controllers, these arrays are able to tolerate the failure of more than one disk and the failure of one of the controllers, providing protection against the single point of failure inherent in any single-controller arrangement. RAID 1 that uses duplexed disks running on different controllers as opposed to RAID 1 that uses mirroring on the same controller also provides this additional protection and improved availability. Hot-swap drives and hot-spare drives (discussed later in this chapter) can further improve availability in critical environments, especially hot-spare drives. By providing for automatic failover and rebuilding, they can reduce your exposure to catastrophic failure and provide for maximum availability.
There are differences you need to bear in mind about using line objects and the options to edit them . The following are descriptions of the details shown in Figure 5-18 .
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