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load them from the file system and from IIS (as well as by a few other means) . If you load your Web application using IIS, IIS acts as the Web server, as you d expect . But when you load a Web application from the file system, which application serves HTML (or ASP .NET) documents As it happens, starting with Visual Studio 2005, you can use a special development Web server to simplify debugging and administration . Based on a Web server named Cassini, the development server can serve HTML and ASP .NET pages just as effectively as IIS can for development purposes . However, keep in mind that for robustness and security IIS is Microsoft s professionalgrade Web server and is the intended target for your ASP .NET Web application . And although the development Web server rather faithfully mimics IIS, it isn t an exact duplicate and some differences do arise when moving Web applications between the two . Most often those differences are related to security and permissions .
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Place a breakpoint in HelloWorld s constructor by clicking next to the line numbers, and run the debugger by clicking the run arrow with the superimposed bug on the left. Anything else that comes to mind. The Qt Creator is a powerful tool, and with it you can accomplish an awful lot right out of the box without writing a line of code. Think of the time you spend playing with it now as a small investment that will reap rewards later when you sketch out or build your killer application s user interface.
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When Lists Don t Work
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Access Using the Context Menu
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Managing Users and Groups
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Shopping Basket With the Microsoft Update Catalog, you can add several downloads to a shopping basket and download them all at once. Full-text Search You can search by keyword, product, Knowledge Base article number, code 39 generator open source
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the performance of each operation is less than stellar, so you should perform as few of these operations as possible . The SecureString class implements the IDisposable interface to provide an easy way to deterministically destroy the string s secured contents . When your application no longer needs the sensitive string information, you simply call SecureString s Dispose method . Internally, Dispose zeroes out the contents of the memory buffer to make sure that the sensitive information is not accessible to malicious code, and then the buffer is freed . Internally, a SecureString object has a field to a SafeBuffer-derived object, which maintains the actual string . Since the SafeBuffer class is ultimately derived from CriticalFinalizerObject, discussed in 21, Automatic Memory Management (Garbage Collection), the string s characters are guaranteed to be zeroed out and have its buffer freed when it is garbage collected . Unlike a String object, when a SecureString object is collected, the encrypted string s characters will no longer be in memory . Now that you know how to create and modify a SecureString object, let s talk about how to use one . Unfortunately, the most recent FCL has limited support for the SecureString class . In other words, there are only a few methods that accept a SecureString argument . In version 4 of the .NET Framework, you can pass a SecureString as a password when
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Exercise: Implementing the SymmetricCrypt Class
Exercise 2: Installing Windows Support Tools
Ruby License
The best way to avoid disk fragmentation is to start with a completely clean slate . If you routinely work with CD images, for instance, consider creating a separate partition that s big enough to temporarily hold the files you re working with . A 2-GB partition, for instance, is big enough to hold a CD image and all temporary files associated with it . (You ll need roughly 10 GB for a DVD-burning partition .) Keep that drive empty except when you plan to create a CD, at which time you can copy files to it for burning . Using this strategy, you can be certain that fragmentation won t have a deleterious impact on your CD-burning performance .
number of partitions . However, I did use varying partition sizes to show the different manner in which the solutions scale . The results of the benchmark are shown in Figure 8-2 .
foreach (DataTable t in ds.Tables) { Console.WriteLine("Table " + t.TableName + " is in dataset"); Console.WriteLine("Row 0, column 1: " + t.Rows[0][1]); Console.WriteLine("Row 1, column 1: " + t.Rows[1][1]); Console.WriteLine("Row 2, column 1: " + t.Rows[2][1]); } ds.WriteXml("dataset.xml"); ds.WriteXmlSchema("dataset.xsd"); // Also may bind to the tables here: ;
Name the Web site ASPNETStepByStep . This is the name by which your Web application will be known to the world . For example, when Internet users surf to your Web site, they ll use the following URL: The name is a fictitious site, only used here for illustration . When you surf to this site on this computer, the server name will be localhost .
The function first checks whether the input node ID exists, and then breaks if it doesn't. It then initializes the @lvl counter to zero, and it assigns the maximum possible integer to the @maxlevels variable if a NULL was specified in it to practically have no level limit. The function then enters a loop that iterates as long as @empid is not null (because null represents the root's manager ID) and the current level is smaller than or equal to the requested number of levels. The loop's body inserts the current employee ID along with the level counter into the @Mgrs output table variable, increments the level counter, and assigns the current employee's manager's ID to the @empid variable. I should point out a couple of differences between this function and the subordinates function. This function uses a scalar subquery to get the manager ID in the next level, unlike the subordinates function, which used a join to get the next level of subordinates. The reason for the difference is that there can be only one manager for a given employee, while there can be multiple subordinates for a given manager. Also, this function uses the expression @lvl <= @maxlevels to limit the number of levels, while the subordinates function used the expression @lvl < @maxlevels. The reason for the discrepancy is that this function doesn't have a separate INSERT statement to get the root employee and a separate one to get the next level of employees; rather, it has only one INSERT statement in the loop. Consequently the @lvl counter here is incremented after the INSERT, while in the subordinates function it was incremented before the INSERT. To test the function, run the following code, which returns managers in all levels of employee 8 and generates the output shown in Table 9-15: SELECT empid, lvl FROM dbo.fn_managers(8, NULL) AS M;
To have the FTP server automatically start on boot, with Fedora/Red Hat you can use the chkconfig command, like this:
The first step in writing the code for this game is initializing the data structures that will be used by the application. In this case, you break the image up into 16 tiles, 15 of which will be shuffled across the board. One tile is not used; instead, there is a blank space that is used by the player to slide the blocks around. In Silverlight, you cannot create a subimage from an existing image, but you can clip an image according to a clipping path. Don t confuse clipping with cropping. In the former, you dictate which parts of the image to draw; in the latter, you remove all but the desired part of the image. Silverlight does not support cropping, so you have to clip an image.
Here you can see the use of a derived table to isolate only the relevant elements for the pivoting activity (custid, orderyear, qty). One of the main issues with this pivoting solution is that you might end up with lengthy query strings when the number of elements you need to rotate is large. In an effort to shorten the query string, you can use a matrix table that contains a column and a row for each attribute that you need to rotate (orderyear, in this case). Only column values in the intersections of corresponding rows and columns contain the value 1, and the other column values are populated with a NULL or a 0, depending on your needs. Run the code in Listing 6-5 to create and populate the Matrix table.
If you were to compile this code and examine its IL (using ILDasm.exe), you d see the following:
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