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Tracing route to computer1 []
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Using the RECOMPILE Statement Option
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Updating Work Items on Build Failure
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Figure 5-3. A sample conversation in the Ruby on Rails IRC channel
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public class Feedback : System.MulticastDelegate { // Constructor public Feedback(Object target, Int32 methodPtr); // Method with same prototype as specified by the source code public void virtual Invoke( Object value, Int32 item, Int32 numItems); // Methods allowing the callback to be called asynchronously public virtual IAsyncResult BeginInvoke( Object value, Int32 item, Int32 numItems, AsyncCallback callback, Object object); public virtual void EndInvoke(IAsyncResult result); }
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Creating Strongly Typed Views
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You must add the @ MasterType declaration to the ASPX content page to reference master properties in a content page. This declaration is added just below the @ Page declaration. The following code demonstrates this.
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Listing 6 6. Changes to the QuakeListModel implementation int QuakeListModel::status() { return mStatus; } void QuakeListModel::setStatus(int status) { if (status != mStatus) { mStatus = status; emit statusChanged(); } } QuakeListModel::QuakeListModel(QObject* parent) : QStandardItemModel(parent) { QHash<int, QByteArray> roles; roles[Qt::DisplayRole] = "title"; roles[QuakeListModel::Description] = "summary"; setRoleNames(roles); }
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Know Your Project Knowing your project is the first line of defense for user interface, logic, and performance bugs. By knowing how and where features are implemented in the various source files, you can quickly narrow down who is doing what to whom. Unfortunately, because each project is different, the only way to learn your project is to read the design documents (if they exist), and to walk through the code in the debugger. Modern development environments have class browser views that can show you the basics, but you might want to turn to a real browsing tool such Source Dynamics's Source Insight. Additionally, you can use real modeling tools such as Microsoft Visual Studio .NET Enterprise Architect with its Microsoft Visio integration, which can show you the relationship or Unified Modeling Language (UML) diagrams that describe the code. Even poorly documented source code is better than nothing if it saves you from having to interpret a disassembly listing. Know Your Language Knowing the language (or languages) your project uses is more difficult than it sounds. I'm referring to knowing what your language is doing behind the scenes as well as knowing how to program in it. For example, C++ developers sometimes forget that local variables that are classes or overloaded operators can create temporary items on the stack. Alternatively, an assignment operator might look innocent enough, but it can cause a great deal of code to execute. Many bugs, especially performance problems, are the result of language misuse, so it's well worth the effort to spend some time reading up on the idiosyncrasies of the programming languages you use. Know Your Technology/Tools Getting a handle on the technologies you're using is the first big step to tackling the harder bugs. For example, if you have an idea of what COM does to instantiate a COM object and return an interface, you'll have a much easier time tracking down why a specific interface request failed. The same goes for something like ISAPI filters. If you're having a problem with your filter being called correctly, you need to know where and when INETINFO.EXE should be loading your filter. I'm not saying that you need to quote files and lines from the source code or a book. Rather, I'm saying that you should have at least a general understanding of the technologies you're using and, more important, you should know exactly where you can find more detailed information if you need it. In addition to knowing the technology, it's vital to know the tools you're using. A big portion of this book is spent discussing advanced usage of the debugger, but many other tools are out there, such as those distributed with the Platform SDK. Taking a day simply to explore and learn all the tools you have at your disposal is a very wise investment. This exploration includes downloading and evaluating commercial tools because those can make a huge difference in your development. Know Your Operating System/Environment Knowing the basics of how your operating system or operating environment goes about doing its work can make the biggest difference between solving a bug and just floundering around. If you're working on native code, you should be able to answer questions like the following: What is a dynamic-link library (DLL) How does an image loader work How does the registry work For managed code, you should know things such as, How does ASP.NET find the components a page is using When do finalizers get called What's the difference between an application domain and an assembly Many of the worst bugs appear when you misuse the operating system or environment. My friend Matt Pietrek, who 13
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FIGURE 7-15 Sketches showing how to carry over the split-screen approach from the Point A and Point B slides to the Call to Action slide.
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