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The Sandcastle Help File Builder provides a user interface (Figure 12-2) similar to that of NDoc for de ning the help le generation settings. These settings can then be stored in a .shfb le, which can be built using either the user interface or command line. Alternatively, all of the generation settings can be passed via the command line.
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Table 6-1: Execution Life Cycle of an ASP.NET Control Table 6-2: Attributes Available for Controlling the Design-Time Environment for a Custom Control Property
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// they were in when passed to the hook function. /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// ///*/ #define \ { \ __asm MOV */\ __asm MOV */\ } /*///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// ///// // The REAL_FUNC_POST_CALL macro needs to be placed IMMEDIATELY *AFTER* // ANY call to the real function the hook function is handling. All the // register values after the real call are saved so that the hook // function epilog can return the same register values as the real // function call. /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// ///*/ #define \ { \ __asm MOV */\ __asm MOV */\ __asm MOV */\ __asm MOV */\ __asm MOV */\ __asm MOV */\ [stRegState.dwEAX] , EAX [stRegState.dwEBX] , EBX [stRegState.dwECX] , ECX [stRegState.dwEDX] , EDX [stRegState.dwEDI] , EDI [stRegState.dwESI] , ESI /* Save the EAX value. /* Save the EBX value. /* Save the ECX value. /* Save the EDX value. /* Save the EDI value. /* Save the ESI value. REAL_FUNC_POST_CALL() EDI , [stRegState.dwEDI] ESI , [stRegState.dwESI] /* Restore the real EDI. /* Restore the real ESI. REAL_FUNC_PRE_CALL()
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Verify that IP routing is enabled on the IP tab in the properties of the calling
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ID for Buoy Temperature Message Message Contents8
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evolved from the PUM-based organization structure to the more scalable and efficient Shared Team organization structure. Microsoft invests in incubations both in established products and in brand-new product categories. More than 35,000 product engineers work for Microsoft across 10 different engineering disciplines. Microsoft engineers develop hardware, desktop application, server, and service products. Product development at Microsoft is becoming more and more globalized. As of 2008, more than 28 percent of product development is happening outside of Redmond, Washington, and this trend of global development is expected to continue.
There's an obvious disadvantage to not using parenthesesa decrease in the readability and clarity of code. Without parentheses, the queries are far from intuitive. But there's another issue, too.
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Visiting Computers Businesses allow all sorts of people to visit their premises: Consultants, partners, friends of employees, recruits, and vendors may all ask for access to your network. Their computers may not meet the organization s health policies but with NAP, administrators can evaluate those computers and isolate them on a restricted network. Presumably the restricted network would include Internet access to enable the visitors to access their own e-mail accounts and other outside resources.
SELECT DATEADD(day, DATEDIFF(day, '19000101', DATEADD(day, -1, SYSDATETIME())) /7*7 + 7, '19000101');
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