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Besides the fact that CTEs are much more modular than derived tables, they have another advantage over derived tables you can refer to the same CTE name multiple times in the outer query. You don t need to repeat the same CTE de nition like you do with derived tables. For example, the following code demonstrates a CTE solution for the request to compare each year s number of active customers to the previous year s number:
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Part I:
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14: Arrays
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Setting Thread Priorities
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Figure 4-16. Enter the title, alias, section, category, and body of a new article.
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FIGURE 14-35 Activated new lead process
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ADO.NET supports a disconnected data access strategy through the use of DataSet objects. A DataSet is an in-memory cache of data that is data source independent. In effect, a DataSet provides a simple relational data store in memory. Although the source of data for a DataSet is usually a relational database, a DataSet can be populated from any source that's accessible via an ADO.NET Data Provider. A DataSet has no inherent functionality to communicate with a data source; the Data Adapter element of the Data Provider is responsible for moving data between the DataSet and the data source. A DataSet can also be configured and populated manually and includes extensive support for importing XML data. When working with data from a relational database, a DataSet doesn't maintain an active connection to the database; the cached data isn't synchronized with the contents of the database. Data is usually loaded into the DataSet and manipulated programmatically, and if necessary, changes are written back to the source. The DataSet and Data Adapter provide extensive functionality to simplify the loading and storing of data as well as the merging of changes.
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// Instances can be marshaled-by-reference across AppDomain boundaries public sealed class MarshalByRefType : MarshalByRefObject { public MarshalByRefType() { Console.WriteLine( {0} ctor running in {1} , this.GetType().ToString(), Thread.GetDomain().FriendlyName); } public void SomeMethod() { Console.WriteLine( Executing in + Thread.GetDomain().FriendlyName); } public MarshalByValType MethodWithReturn() { Console.WriteLine( Executing in + Thread.GetDomain().FriendlyName); MarshalByValType t = new MarshalByValType(); return t; } public NonMarshalableType MethodArgAndReturn(String callingDomainName) { // NOTE: callingDomainName is [Serializable] Console.WriteLine( Calling from {0} to {1} . , callingDomainName, Thread.GetDomain().FriendlyName); NonMarshalableType t = new NonMarshalableType(); return t; } } code 39 generator code project
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Over the last two decades, technology has changed everything about the way we work. Twenty-five years ago, connecting with customers meant calling them on the phone, mailing them a letter, or going to their place of business. Today, connecting with customers might mean firing off a quick e-mail message, distributing an electronic newsletter, posting information on the Web, giving a custom presentation via an Internet connection, or the good old-fashioned way calling on the phone or showing up on the doorstep with a laptop and a folder tucked under your arm.
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USE InsideTSQL2008; SELECT country, region, city FROM HR.Employees UNION SELECT country, region, city FROM Sales.Customers;
Lesson 1: Performing Input Validation ChAPTER 5 235
FIGURE 11-2 Build Agent Properties Require Secure Channel
In versions prior to SQL Server 2000, I used to see differences between plans generated for EXISTS and for IN, and typically EXISTS performed better because of its inherent short-circuiting. However, in SQL Server 2000 and 2005 the optimizer usually generates identical plans for the two queries
Build Controllers
and %3f instead of to prevent the wildcards from being expanded until after the compilation has completed. In this example we add a TestContainer that includes *.Tests.dll:
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