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FIguRE 4-5 Allocating M2 s local variables on the thread s stack
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data integrity, data authentication, and replay protection.
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DELETE FROM Production.Suppliers_During WHERE supplierid = 2 AND during = N'(13:20)';
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Drawing Objects and Drawing Tools
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This version of Microsoft Excel also gives users the option of filling charts with textures (also referred to as structures elsewhere in the program) . These add a pattern to surfaces, which in most cases makes them appear as though they are made of material . In the dialog box shown in Figure 4-15, you can click Texture to select one of these . In most cases, filling an area with several individual pictures of the same type (i .e ., tiles) is only really useful if these tiles produce a harmonious overall image or result in a surface with a normal appearance, which is seldom the case . Textures (of fabric or natural materials, for example), which appear to be completely symmetrical, or whose slight irregularities are repeated regularly throughout the pattern, do not have greater visual impact than floral wallpaper . There are very few good reasons to use photographs or other images that are also highly differentiated as tiles, at least when designing charts . Therefore, I only recommend using texture fills in very few exceptional cases . In the vast majority of cases, the results are aesthetically unsatisfactory, and usually appear rather unoriginal and artificial . Moreover, because this kind of design has been around and, unfortunately, overused for years, you run the risk of your audience classifying it as oldfashioned, and therefore uninteresting or even boring . The same applies to the use of ClipArt (which you can also access from the dialog box described above), even if it does now contain some new and well-designed templates . But, then, this is a recurrent problem: a well-designed, accessible template is going to be used very frequently and, as a result, will become over-exposed, so that the public will soon tire of it . If I ever make use of such collections (for example, in Office Online), I usually only select photographs . When designing a chart for a customer, particularly if it s for an important presentation, I never use generally accessible templates of any kind . Instead, I use photographs, graphics, patterns, etc . that I ve created or ordered myself, or incorporate relevant material available in the customer s own collections (for example, as part of a corporate design) if it fits the bill . You can use the outstanding design features of Excel 2007 to create presentation charts with a very professional look . If this is what you want to do, I strongly advise that you avoid using another of the fill options available with the program; i .e ., using pictures to fill two-dimensional data series (columns, bars etc .) . Some people may find columns filled with stacked cars used to illustrate automobile sales figures, or a long chart bar containing a string of 12 company logos very amusing . However, if you re going to take your audience seriously and have them take you seriously at all times you re better off not messing around with your design like this . Any presentation provides sufficient opportunity to create a positive, enjoyable (where appropriate), but always serious impression by including interesting visual effects and, more important, by providing interesting explanations of the data presented .
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The categories available to you might vary based on installed server software.
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Web Resource
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In all the other pages except the shopping cart page, the visitor will be able to see a shopping cart summary in the left part of the screen as shown in Figure 8-3. At the end of this chapter, you ll have a functional shopping cart, but the visitor will not yet be able to order the products contained in it. You ll add this functionality in the next chapter, when you implement a custom checkout the Proceed to Checkout button. When the visitor clicks this button, the products in the shopping cart are saved as a separate order in the database, and the visitor is redirected to a page to pay. If you integrated the PayPal shopping cart for the first development stage, starting with the next chapter, PayPal will only be used to handle payments, and you won t rely on its shopping cart anymore. Specifically, in this chapter, you ll learn how to Design a shopping cart Add a new database table to store shopping cart records Create the data tier functions that work with the new table Implement the business layer methods Implement the Add to Cart and View Cart buttons (or make them work with the new shopping cart if you already implemented them in the PayPal chapter) Implement the presentation layer part of the custom shopping cart
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AppDomains can be unloaded The CLR doesn t support the ability to unload a single assembly from an AppDomain . However, you can tell the CLR to unload an AppDomain, which will cause all of the assemblies currently contained in it to be unloaded as well . AppDomains can be individually secured When created, an AppDomain can have a permission set applied to it that determines the maximum rights granted to assemblies running in the AppDomain . This allows a host to load some code and be ensured that the code cannot corrupt or read important data structures used by the host itself . AppDomains can be individually configured When created, an AppDomain can have a bunch of configuration settings associated with it . These settings mostly affect how the CLR loads assemblies into the AppDomain . There are configuration settings related to search paths, version binding redirects, shadow copying, and loader optimizations .
Windows Security Fundamentals
Security Documentation
Similar albeit more complex work is done to render the dates to a format usable by Qt for sorting quake events. NOTE: In a perfect world, there d be no need for screen-scraping. Instead, the XML schema would provide specific tags for each bit of data your application requires. Hopefully, you get to define both sides of the transaction, or at least provide some input in the process of determining what data the client must parse. Screen-scraping is brittle and subject to potential failure; we use it here to show you how to obtain meaningful data from a Web service as a compromise between looking for a data service ideal to our task and free for everyone to use.
creating a new replication group for each replicated folder, because the replication group automatically applies its schedule, topology, and bandwidth-throttling settings to the new replicated folder.
Con guring Usage of the Logical Printer
Jamming, or fusion, is the result of combining two loops that operate on the same set of elements. The gain lies in cutting the loop overhead from two loops to one. Here s a candidate for loop jamming:
LISTING .10-8 . Example database query using a DataSet and DataAdapter
tured before the year 2000, and it s unlikely that Windows Vista will run acceptably if at all on hardware of that vintage.
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