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SQL Server 2008 allows you to de ne multiple grouping sets in the same query by using the new GROUPING SETS subclause of the GROUP BY clause. Within the outermost pair of parentheses, you specify a list of grouping sets separated by commas. Each grouping set is expressed by a pair of parentheses containing the set s elements separated by commas. For example, the following query de nes four grouping sets:
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Description Unreachable domain The DHCP server could not locate the applicable domain for its configured Active Directory installation. Authorization succeeded The DHCP server was authorized to start on the network. Upgraded to a Windows Server 2003 operating system The DHCP server was recently upgraded to Windows Server 2003, Standard Edi tion; therefore, the unauthorized DHCP server detection feature (used to determine whether the server has been authorized in Active Directory) was disabled. Cached authorization The DHCP server was authorized to start using previously cached information. Active Directory was not visible at the time the server was started on the network. Authorization failed The DHCP server was not authorized to start on the network. When this event occurs, it is likely followed by the server being stopped. Authorization (servicing) The DHCP server was successfully authorized to start on the network.
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internal class D : B { // Derived class }
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Item Attribute Name
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D. Correct: The Publish Web Site tool is used to precompile and deploy websites. Precom-
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12345678.ToString("#,#") = 12,345,678
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<servlet-mapping> <servlet-name>tapestry-time</servlet-name> <url-pattern>/assets/*</url-pattern> </servlet-mapping> <welcome-file-list> <welcome-file>Home.html</welcome-file> </welcome-file-list> </web-app>
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will also need to verify that third-party components are multiinstance aware. Provisioning for Trials and New Customers Provisioning a new client or initializing a free trial of your service will be easier and quicker to manage if it involves only a configuration change. A multi-instance, single-tenant model will require you to deploy a new instance of the application for every customer, including those using a free trial. Although you can automate this process, it will be considerably more complicated than changing or creating configuration data in a single-instance, multi-tenant application. Whether you choose a single-tenant or multi-tenant architecture, customers will still need to be able to customize the application. URLs to Access the Application By default, Windows Azure gives each application a Domain Name System (DNS) name like this: <yourappname> You can use a DNS CNAME record to map a custom DNS name to your application. For example, if the Tailspin Surveys application is named, Tailspin could use a CNAME entry to map the URL to the application. If each customer has its own, separate, single-tenant instance of the application running in a separate Windows Azure account, you could map a custom DNS name to each instance of the application. For example, you could map and to separate instances. Because Internet Information Services (IIS) can have only one SSL certificate associated with a port, a multi-tenant application can use only a single domain name on the default port 443. Therefore, in a multi-tenant application, you can use an addressing scheme like this: https://<azureaccount><app>/<tenant>. Adatum, a subscriber to the Tailspin Surveys application, would access the Surveys application at Customizing the Application by Tenant Customers will want to be able to style and brand the site for their own users. You must establish how much control customers will want in order to determine how best to enable the customization. At one end of the scale, you might provide the customer with the ability to customize the appearance of the application by allowing them to upload cascading style sheets and image files. At the other end of the scale, you might enable the customer to design complete pages that interact with the application s services through a standard API.
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QMediaPlayer *player = new QMediaPlayer; player->setMedia(QUrl::fromLocalFile("beep.mp3")); player->setVolume(50); player->play();
When I execute this code, I get the following output:
Now, in this new millennium, XML is the way to go . .NET depends on XML files (machine .config< web .config, and various trust alternatives) for its configuration . Note In the past, the other way that you could configure applications was through the registry .
Static IP addressing is an error-prone procedure, and the techniques for debugging errors such as duplicate IP addresses, mistyped IP addresses, incorrect subnet masks, and incorrect default gateways are well known. The Ipconfig command-line utility displays TCP/IP configuration information, whereas Tracert addresses the problem of packet loss in a large network. The Ping command-line utility determines whether a specified IP address is reachable. The PathPing utility, introduced in Microsoft Windows 2000, com bines the functions of Ping and Tracert. The Netdiag utility, also introduced in Microsoft Windows 2000, is a powerful Support Tool that can locate a wide range of network configuration faults and sometimes automatically fix them. The use of DHCP dramatically reduces the number of TCP/IP configuration faults that occur on a network. It is much easier to diagnose a bad configuration on a single DHCP server than on several hundred clients. However, the use of DHCP can intro duce its own problems. A DHCP server might be set up perfectly, but bad configura tions can occur because a scope has issued all its leases, because the server is offline, or because the DHCP service has been stopped. In this case, Microsoft Windows 2000, Microsoft Windows XP, and Microsoft Windows Server 2003 clients (by default) config ure themselves with APIPA addresses. Microsoft Windows 98 and Microsoft Windows NT 4 clients disable TCP/IP networking. If clients are on a network that cannot be or should not be configured automatically, the static addresses of these clients must be excluded from the DHCP scope. If this is not done, duplicate IP addresses can manifest on the network. A common scenario is that a client that has been in for repair or that has been sitting in a storeroom for a while is plugged back in to the network without the administrator s knowledge and has a nonexcluded static IP address. DHCP can be set up so that it tests for duplicate addresses and does not issue a lease if that address is detected on the network. However, this fix is only temporary. The long-term solution is to find the client that is caus ing the problem and reconfigure it. Another problem occurs when a client is correctly configured with an IP address but it cannot access resources by host name. This problem happens when the client is configured statically with the wrong DNS server address, or when the client has a reserva tion and client option 006 is misconfigured.
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