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When we compile all the classes and aspects and run the program, we see output similar to the following:
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Example 2-4. Proxy pattern example code SpaceBook (continued)
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With HTTP being the basis of most internet programming, it shouldn t be a surprise that URLs are a foundational technique for internet-based programming. You ll use them whether you re calling up UIImageViews, accessing content by hand, or parsing XML. As a result, we ll spend some time on the two fundamental URL classes: NSURL and NSURLRequest. We ll also look at how to manipulate HTML data by hand.
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Listing 7.30 calculator.js
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Configuring Hibernate Mapping persistent classes Advanced Hibernate configuration
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[self dismissModalViewControllerAnimated:YES]; [picker release]; } -(void)rescalePic:(id)sender {
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This would produce the output:
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Note that as in most of the EntityManager s methods, the merge method must be called from a transactional context or it will throw a TransactionRequiredException. We ll now move on to the final element of the CRUD sequence: deleting an entity.
If another application transaction would have updated the same item since it was read by the current application transaction, the VERSION column would not contain the value 2, and the row would not be updated. Hibernate would check the row count returned by the JDBC driver which in this case would be the number of rows updated, zero and throw a StaleObjectStateException. Using this exception, we might show the user of the second application transaction an error message ( You have been working with stale data because another user modified it! ) and let the first commit win. Alternatively, we could catch the exception and show the second user a new screen, allowing the user to manually merge changes between the two versions. As you can see, Hibernate makes it easy to use managed versioning to implement optimistic locking. Can you use optimistic locking and pessimistic locking together, or do you have to make a decision for one And why is it called optimistic An optimistic approach always assumes that everything will be OK and that conflicting data modifications are rare. Instead of being pessimistic and blocking concurrent data access immediately (and forcing execution to be serialized), optimistic concurrency control will only block at the end of a unit of work and raise an error. Both strategies have their place and uses, of course. Multiuser applications usually default to optimistic concurrency control and use pessimistic locks when
In the previous advice, the advised join point is the call to the Account.debit() method that throws InsufficientBalanceException. We capture the Account
Listing 11.7 Type3Example.java
The complete code is shown in Example 10-2.
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