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$create(Samples.FormattingBehavior, {'hoverCssClass':'field_hover', 'focusCssClass':'field_focus'}, {}, {}, $get('Name'));
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What Are Generics
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import javax.xml.ws.WebServiceRef ; import actionbazaarplacebidservice.PlaceBidService;
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<target name="noop" description="do nothing"> <antcall target="do-all-builds"> <param name="target" value="noop"/> </antcall> </target>
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(Name): DialogResult: Location: Size: Text: ActClose Cancel 344, 240 80, 24 Close
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<path id="task.classpath"> <pathelement location="${build.dir}"/> <pathelement location="${antbook-common.jar}"/> <pathelement location="${lucene.jar}"/> </path> <java classname="org.example.antbook.tasks.Searcher" fork="true" classpathref="task.classpath"> <arg file="${index.dir}"/> <arg value="${query}"/> </java>
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3.5 Using a compound primary key for your entity beans
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/** * {@inheritDoc} * @see org.jboss.ejb3.examples.ch05.encryption.EncryptionCommonBusiness #decrypt(java.lang.String) */ @Override public String decrypt(final String input) throws IllegalArgumentException, IllegalStateException, EncryptionException { // Get the cipher final Cipher cipher = this.decryptionCipher; if (cipher == null) { throw new IllegalStateException("Decryption cipher not available, has this service been initialized "); }
<WebRole name="MyWebRole" <Instances count="1" /> <ConfigurationSettings /> </WebRole>
Simple Entity Native Queries
Sometimes you can t derive from the base ScriptControl class. Therefore, it s important to be familiar with what happens behind the scenes during the registration of a script control.
Listing 12.16 Signatures.java
setUp testXXX tearDown
You should never write this code because a malicious user could search for the following item description that is, by entering the value of search in a search dialog box as
At the time of writing, this mapping has the limitation that you can t set it to optional="true"; hence, the USER_ID column is nullable. If you try to add a nullable="false" attribute on the @JoinColumn, Hibernate Annotations thinks that you want the whole buyer property to never be null. Furthermore, the primary key of the join table is now the ITEM_ID column only. This is fine, because you don t want duplicate items in this table they can be bought only once. To make this mapping bidirectional, add a collection on the User class and make it inverse with mappedBy:
Table 14.8 PDF Color and shading methods iText method Parameters Description
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