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Querying data
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in place of standard magnetic strip credit cards. Government agencies are using smart cards in place of standard identification cards such as driver s licenses, and mass transit systems are replacing coin or token-operated fare systems with smart card applications. Smart cards hold all the necessary functions and data on the card. Therefore, unlike magnetic strip styled credit cards, these cards do not require access to remote systems or data during the time of a transaction. They can also, typically, store more information than the standard magnetic strip card. Java Card defines the use of Java in smart card devices and applications. In some Java technology circles, Java Card is actually considered part of J2ME. In fact, there have been documents on Sun s own web site that have lumped Java Card with J2ME. However, Java Card is guided by its own specification and the current Java Card specification is version 2.1.1. The Java Card specification defines a special kind of applet, a class that extends javacard.framework.Applet, which is part of a Java Card framework. When a Java Card, containing one or more applets, is inserted or somehow presented to a card reader, called a card acceptance device (CAD), the Java Card virtual machine is running and the reader identifies an applet it wishes to communicate with. The CAD then sends the applet a series of commands to execute. Communication between the applet and the reader are transmitted in the form of application protocol data units (APDU). An applet replies to each APDU by giving the CAD the result of the operation and optionally data as a result of the operation. The Java Card specification and more information about this technology can be found at java.sun.com/products/javacard. 15.4.2 Java Native Interface The world and its software does not run entirely on Java. In a report by ZDNet,3 the number of Java programmers is expected to overtake the number of C/C++ programmers sometime in 2002. Java s popularity not withstanding, there are still a lot of software applications written in other languages. Furthermore, there are times when an application should be written in some other language. For example, the speed of the application may dictate that the application or a part of it is written in the device s native assembly language. The Java Native Interface (JNI) allows Java applications to access other code through a standardized programming interface. There are several reasons why this may be necessary. The Java class library does not provide platform-dependent features that are required in the Java application. Access to an application written in another language is desired from inside a Java application. A critical feature needs to be implemented in a low-level language such as the system s assembly language.
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Remove the actual copy to the cluster by modifying the run method of the inner CopyDirectory class and copy it to one slave index on the SAN. Leave the rest of the code alone: TriggerTask, marker determination, and so on. Set the refresh period to a small value to keep the slave index (the index source) up to date. This was now local I/O to the SAN and would be very fast.
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Listing 5.17 Implementation details for communicating with the Yahoo! APIs
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Data access with NHibernate
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Importing pages from an existing PDF document
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Optimization: pooling and caching
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Throws exceptions
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An example of a page X of Y header is shown in figure 5.12. Retrieving the value of X is easy. You have access to the PdfWriter object in the onEndPage() method, so you can get the page number with getPageNumber(). But how can you retrieve the value for Y There s no way of knowing the total number of pages when the headers for the first pages are written. You only know the value of Y for sure when iText has finished writing the last page.
The two main ways to fill a web view once you ve created it are listed in table 14.4. Most frequently, you ll start with an NSURLRequest, which you must create using the two-step process we described in the previous section; but you can also load a web view with an NSURL and an NSString. A few other init methods can be found in the class reference.
To get the selected filenames, you can iterate through the source TreeView control:
controls, respectively, are used to create visual components and are declared under the Sys.UI namespace.
If (reportEntry.Description = "") Then _ reportEntry.Description = _ GetBuiltinReportDescription(reportEntry.ItemType)
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