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Figure 2.31 Team Explorer, ready to be used. First you must connect to the server and then to the team project.
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Inserts new account
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The opacity component of the source image is discarded (see the get_color_safe() subroutine later in the program). It is not customary to apply convolution filters to alpha channels at the same time they are applied to the color layers. It isn t difficult to adapt the program so that it works on the opacity component as well. 6 If you have an Image::Magick version between 5.2.2 and 5.2.4, you will need to Negate() the alpha mask before applying it. Also see section 12.3.2.
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The next time you run the application and click the button in the first panel (the one set to Always), notice that only the contents for that panel are updated. Because you ve set the UpdateMode for the second panel to Conditional, it doesn t update because none of its conditions have been met. If you click the button in the second panel (the one set to Conditional), notice that the contents of both panels are updated. This occurs because the postback was invoked by one of its child controls. Because the first panel s mode is set to Always, it updates for every postback. If possible, take the time to manipulate these settings and become familiar with how they work. You re making good progress. Now that you re applying partial-page updates, it would be beneficial for you to understand how those updates are initially applied.
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Advanced transaction management
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Much information is inferred, and a lot of work is triggered from this single annotation. When the Hibernate SessionFactory bootstraps, Hibernate Search looks for all mapped entities marked as @Indexed and processes them. We don t have to explicitly list the indexed entities in a configuration file. This reduces work and limits the risk of mistakes. The Lucene directory name is also inferred from this annotation. Because we haven t explicitly defined an index name, the default naming convention applies. The index name is the fully qualified class name of the entity, in our example com.manning.hsia.dvdstore.model.Dvd. You can override this name by using the name attribute of @Indexed (see Listing 3.2).
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Programmers love a clean slate. The thought of throwing away all the code we ve ever written and starting over can seem alluring, but this typically isn t a viable option for most companies. Many development organizations have made a substantial investment in developing and purchasing COM components and ActiveX controls. Microsoft has made a commitment to ensure that these legacy components are usable from within .NET applications, and (perhaps less important) that .NET components are easily callable from COM. The ability to mix managed .NET code with unmanaged code from the older worlds of Win32 and COM is called interoperability, or as it s usually abbreviated, interop. This chapter describes the support .NET provides for using ActiveX controls and COM components into your application, exposing .NET classes to COM-based applications, and making direct calls to Win32 APIs. You ll also learn about C# pointers and keywords for accessing memory directly, which can be necessary for using some unmanaged APIs.
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Client-server development
Sets up web views
List<ImageURL> Presidents = new List<ImageURL>( );
Hibernate also understands type="java.lang.String"; it doesn t have to use reflection then. The most important case where this approach doesn t work well is a java.util.Date property. By default, Hibernate interprets a java.util.Date as a timestamp mapping. You need to explicitly specify type="time" or type="date" if you don t wish to persist both date and time information. With JPA annotations, the mapping type of a property is automatically detected, just like in Hibernate. For a java.util.Date or java.util.Calendar property, the Java Persistence standard requires that you select the precision with a @Temporal annotation:
According to the log4j team, the JDBC appender will be replaced in the future with one that offers more features. For example, the current JDBC appender does not log exceptions. Please refer to the log4j documentation for updates to this appender.
package com.msi.manning.UnlockingAndroid; // multiple imports trimmed for brevity, see full source code public class FieldService extends Activity { final int ACTIVITY_REFRESHJOBS = 1; final int ACTIVITY_LISTJOBS = 2 Useful constants final int ACTIVITY_SETTINGS = 3; Prefs instance Prefs myprefs = null; @Override public void onCreate(Bundle icicle) { Instantiate Set up UI super.onCreate(icicle); Prefs setContentView(R.layout.fieldservice); instance myprefs = new Prefs(this.getApplicationContext()); Initiate UI field contents RefreshUserInfo(); final Button refreshjobsbutton = (Button) findViewById(; refreshjobsbutton.setOnClickListener(new Button.OnClickListener() { public void onClick(View v) { Connect try { button to UI startActivityForResult(new Intent(v.getContext(),RefreshJobs.class),ACTIVITY_REFRESHJOBS); } catch (Exception e) { } } }); // see full source comments
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