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Embedded objects in Java Persistence (they re called components in Hibernate) are objects whose lifecycle entirely depends on the owning entity. When the owning entity is deleted, the embedded object is deleted as well. Let go back to our DVD store example. A DVD is rated. Rating has several dimensions: scenario, soundtrack, picture, and of course an overall rating. A rating doesn t make sense without a DVD, so we ll model it as an embedded object. To index the associated Rating object, simply place @IndexedEmbedded on the association and mark the Rating properties for indexing. The name @IndexedEmbedded is derived from the operation performed; we embed the indexing information in the main document. Listing 4.9 describes how to declare an object as embedded in the index.
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<div class="toolbar"> <h1 id="pageTitle"></h1> <a id="backButton" class="button" href="#"></a> <a class="button" href="#searchForm">Search</a> </div>
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session.createCriteria(Item.class) .setProjection( Projections.rowCount() );
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This call to Include asks to load related entities available through the Customer entity s SalesOrderHeaders property. (These will be loaded regardless of the lazy loading setting.) It also says that for each of those related entities, the EF should load any related entities visible through the SalesOrderDetails property. In other words, this tells the EF that we would like it to fetch all of the orders for this customer and all of the details for those orders. It will generate a single query that fetches all of the necessary information in one request.
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Here, the names of the kids you re adding to the form are "name", "loginname", "password", and "reason". These are the partial names of the field. When you fill out the form using iText, you need the fully qualified name, which is constructed from the partial field names of the field and all of its ancestors. The names are separated by a period. In the simple form in figure 8.6, the parent element "personal" has four children: "personal.name", "personal.loginname", "personal.password", and "personal.reason". You can have two different fields with the same partial name, such as "name", provided they have a different parent, such as "sender.name" and "receiver.name". Fully qualified field names are unique in the sense that fields with the same fully qualified name must have the same field type, value, and default value. You can have different representations of fields with the same fully qualified name, provided that they have the same parent, have no children of their own, and differ only in properties that specify their visual appearance. This is important as soon as you start to fill out the form using iText.
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Again, we ve ended up doing extra work just to satisfy the C# type system, which is the opposite of what you d usually expect in the dynamic idiom types are supposed to matter less.
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In the duplicate file detection application we built earlier in this chapter, we had to go to some lengths to find a location, and pick filenames for the datafiles we wished to create in test mode, in order to guarantee that we don t collide with other applications. We also had to pick locations that we knew we would (probably) have permission to write to, and that we could then load again. Isolated storage takes this one stage further and gives us a means of saving and loading data in a location unique to a particular piece of executing code. The physical location itself is abstracted away behind the API; we don t need to know where the runtime is actually storing the data, just that the data is stored safely, and that we can retrieve it again. (Even if we want to know where the files are, the isolated storage API won t tell us.) This helps to make the isolated storage framework a bit more operating-systemagnostic, and removes the need for full trust (unlike regular file I/O). Hence it can be
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Document fields are stored in a different set of files than the index information. Loading a Document is essentially leading to a random file access. Looking up a row from a database by id and retrieving the columns is not fundamentally different from the second step in Lucene. The performance difference between the two techniques more likely depends on additional factors, such as:
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JAX-WS 2.0 allows both regular Java classes and stateless EJBs to be exposed as web services. If you were using J2EE 1.4, you re probably wondering why you d use a stateless EJB as a web service. A look at the code for a POJO and for EJB 3 web services reveals that there are hardly any differences, with the exception that the EJB
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9.2.1 Preparing the mapping metadata
Before we examine the architecture of our application, we must review the application environment. There are myriad choices available for web servers, J2EE servers, and SOAP servers. Though we did choose software for the implementation of our case study, it should be clear that our intention is not to perform a software evaluation. On the server side, we chose BEA s WebLogic 6.1. It serves as our web server, J2EE container, and SOAP server. The focus of our discussion is the design and implementation of application, not the operating environment. With a few modifications, this application will run using different software products. For this reason, we note areas in our code that are server dependant. For client-side access to our application, we use a Palm organizer with wireless Internet access. The technicians at RepairCo merely launch an Internet browser and select a bookmark to hit our application. The browser that we use is the EzWap browser from EZOS, which interprets and renders WML on
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