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3.3.3 Attribute-oriented programming
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Networking and web services
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Session bean clients
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Core concerns
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private static void SelectKeyAndIV(out byte[] key, out byte[] iv) { var algorithm = TripleDES.Create(); algorithm.GenerateIV(); algorithm.GenerateKey(); key = algorithm.Key; iv = algorithm.IV;
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Listing 9.4 embedded.html
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Remember that automatic schema generation is a developer-friendly feature and, when it s turned on, the JPA provider creates the underlying database schema (tables, sequences, etc.) when the persistence unit is deployed. If you want to turn on automatic schema generation for Hibernate, you can do so by adding the following in persistence.xml:
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20: ADO.NET and Relational Databases
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// Give everyone access to this method, we may restrict them later @RolesAllowed( {Roles.ADMIN, Roles.STUDENT, Roles.JANITOR}) public void openFrontDoor() {
The AspectJ Ant task can be set to compile the source files incrementally, based on user input. Just like the incremental option to ajc (discussed in section A.8),
Figure 8.7 UNIX top command running inside a console, showing memory and CPU usage by process.
The request/response flow of the application
Sequences: not quite arrays
Anytime we get a response, the server is allowed to return new cookies, or to modify the value of existing cookies, so you would need to make sure you updated your cookie container anytime you get a response, using the code in Example 13-21. That s it for HTTP. Finally, we ll take a look at sockets.
Public Function FitTextToWidth(ByVal origText As String, _ ByVal pixelWidth As Integer, _ ByVal canvas As System.Drawing.Graphics, _ ByVal useFont As System.Drawing.Font) As String ' ----- Given a text string, make sure it fits in the ' specified pixel width. Truncate and add an ' ellipsis if needed. Dim newText As String
public class ShowData extends HttpServlet { protected void doGet( HttpServletRequest request, HttpServletResponse response) throws ServletException, IOException { response.setContentType("text/plain"); PrintWriter out = response.getWriter(); Enumeration<String> parameters = request.getParameterNames(); String parameter; while (parameters.hasMoreElements()) { Shows parameters/ values sent with GET parameter = parameters.nextElement(); out.println(String.format("%s: %s", parameter, request.getParameter(parameter))); } } protected void doPost( HttpServletRequest request, HttpServletResponse response) throws ServletException, IOException { response.setContentType("text/plain"); OutputStream os = response.getOutputStream(); InputStream is = request.getInputStream(); byte[] b = new byte[256]; Shows request sent int read; to server with POST while ((read = is.read(b)) != -1) { os.write(b, 0, read); } } }
The <properties> element allows you to provide a list of name/value pairs outside of the main configuration file that can be used to further generalize the configuration. This is useful when deploying an application, because you can have the shared configuration in one place but isolate values that vary depending on the environment in a properties file. There are two ways to specify the properties file to be used, each of which is an attribute of the <properties> element. The choices are
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