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Transaction management
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javax.persistence.NamedNativeQuery Defines a named query. A named native query uses SQL.
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how many low values are added until a new high value is fetched. Only settings greater than 1 are sensible; the default is 32767 (Short.MAX_VALUE).
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With @PermitAll, all callers including unauthenticated anonymous users may invoke isOpen(). Now we need to allow the Administrator role to open and close the school for business. We can assign permissions to the relevant methods easily, again using @RolesAllowed:
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JoinPointTraceAspect example of 106 JOptionPane.showMessageDialog() asynchronous routing, issue 307 JRE 1.4 330 JSR 166 concurrency utility library, and 316 JSR 175 participant pattern, and 271 JSR 94 418 business rules 393 JTA 357, 387 AspectJ-based solution 387 389 code scattering 388 conventional implementation 388 modularizing using AspectJ 388 policy-enforcement, and 389 transaction management 357 JTable 196 just-in-time authentication AspectJ-based 333 conventional 331 up-front login, difference 329
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A drag-and-drop shopping cart
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10.2.2 Parsing the UIAcceleration
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} } public class VisitorRetrievalFilter : ActionFilterAttribute { private readonly IVisitorRepository _repository; public VisitorRetrievalFilter(IVisitorRepository repository) { _repository = repository; } public VisitorRetrievalFilter() : this( new VisitorRepositoryFactory() .BuildRepository()) { }
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select="./quote-list/customer/@first-name"/> </fo:block> <fo:block font-size="10pt" font-family="sans-serif" font-style="italic" line-height="18pt" space-after.optimum="10pt" start-indent="15pt"> Prices were obtained at <xsl:value-of select="./quote-list/@time"/> on <xsl:value-of select="./quote-list/@date"/> </fo:block> Constructs the <fo:table> watch list table, <fo:table-column column-width="3cm"/> just as we did in <fo:table-column column-width="7cm"/> textual formats <fo:table-column column-width="3cm"/> <fo:table-header font-size="10pt" line-height="14pt" font-family="sans-serif"> <fo:table-row font-weight="bold"> <fo:table-cell text-align="start"> <fo:block>SYMBOL</fo:block> </fo:table-cell> <fo:table-cell text-align="start"> <fo:block>COMPANY NAME</fo:block> </fo:table-cell> <fo:table-cell text-align="start"> <fo:block>SHARE PRICE</fo:block> </fo:table-cell> </fo:table-row> </fo:table-header> <fo:table-body font-size="10pt" line-height="16pt" font-family="sans-serif"> <xsl:for-each select="//quote"> <fo:table-row> <fo:table-cell> <fo:block text-align="start" > <xsl:value-of select="@symbol"/> </fo:block> </fo:table-cell> <fo:table-cell> <fo:block text-align="start" > <xsl:value-of select="@name"/> </fo:block> </fo:table-cell> <fo:table-cell> <fo:block text-align="start" >
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protected override IEnumerable<ScriptReference> GetScriptReferences()| { yield return new ScriptReference(Page.ResolveClientUrl(this.ScriptPath)); } }
controls to communicate with client-side scripts between callbacks. This model was powerful because it offered access to the state of all the controls on the page during a callback. Unfortunately, many developers found the model difficult to work with, and numerous concerns were raised. The lack of support for passing complex types as parameters to the server (only strings were allowed) made the prototype too rigid and exposed its limitations. Developers began to look elsewhere for solutions. In an effort to address these concerns, members of the ASP.NET team began work on a communication library built on top of the callbacks. The primary objective of the library was to simplify the use of callbacks and to provide a rich set of APIs for enabling the exchange of complex and simple types between the server and client. From this library came a control called the RefreshPanel. The purpose of the RefreshPanel was to offer a server control that refreshed the contents of a page without a page refresh. Out of this hard work, the UpdatePanel emerged, with deeper integration into the page lifecycle and a more transparent footprint on the page.
PdfWriter writer An instance of PdfWriter. Rectangle rect The rectangle where you want the annotation to appear. String contents A description for the file attachment. byte[] fileStore The bytes of the file you want to attach to the PDF, or null if the file parameter is a valid path to a file.
class WaitForIt { private bool canGo; private object lockObject = new object(); public void WaitUntilReady() { lock (lockObject) { while (!canGo) { Monitor.Wait(lockObject); } } } public void GoNow() { lock (lockObject) { canGo = true; // Wake me up, before you go go. Monitor.PulseAll(lockObject); } }
In addition to selling landscaping supplies, the Greener Grass Corporation also sells landscaping services. The field workers they employ must come into the office routinely to drop off orders and to obtain supplies. Recently, however, since the inventory and order entry systems are online, some are opting to submit orders over the Internet from home. In order to streamline their business, the Greener Grass Corporation would like to provide this information to their field staff. Furthermore, they would 294
Listing 11.2 User authorization with AuthorizeAttribute
Figure 6.12 Turning on test coverage for MSTest. In the test settings, you have to enable Code Coverage for a given assembly (you can get to the configuration settings by double-clicking the Code Coverage row).
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