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The assignKeys() function is called by window.onload. (We could have defined window.onload directly in this file, but that limits its portability). We find the keyboard element by its unique ID and then use getElementsByTagName() to iterate through all the DIV elements inside it. This requires some knowledge of the page structure, but it allows the designer the freedom to move the keyboard DIV around the page in any way that she wants. The DOM elements representing the keys return a single string as className property. We use the inbuilt String.split function to convert it into an array, and check that the element is of class musicalButton. We then read the other part of the styling which represents the note that this key plays and attach it to the DOM node as an extra property, where it can be picked up again in the event handler. Playing music through a web browser is rather tricky, so in this case, we simply write the note out to the console underneath the keyboard. innerHTML is adequate for this purpose. Figure 4.4 shows our musical keyboard in action. We ve achieved good separation of roles here. Provided the designer drops the keyboard and console DIV tags somewhere on the page and includes the stylesheet and JavaScript, the application will work, and the risk of accidentally breaking the event logic is small. Effectively, the HTML page has become a template into which we inject variables and logic. This provides us with a good way of keeping
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if (webView.canGoBack == YES) { for (int i = 0 ; i < [webArray count] ; i ++) { if ([webArray objectAtIndex:i] != webView) { [[webArray objectAtIndex:i] removeFromSuperview]; } else { webView.frame = [[UIScreen mainScreen] bounds]; } } } }
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If you re hitting the limits of a single instance, then you should consider hosting your website across multiple instances for those busy periods (you can always scale back down when you re not busy). Let s take a quick look at how you can do that manually in Windows Azure.
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Table 14.2 Sensor-related classes Class SensorManager Sensor SensorEvent SensorEventListener Comment Primary interface to the various sensors present in the hardware Represents a particular sensor Represents the readings from a sensor This interface used to receive SensorEvents in near real time
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SharedPreferences.Editor prefsEditor = context.getSharedPreferences(PREFS_NAME, 0).edit(); prefsEditor.remove(PREFS_PREFIX + widgetId); prefsEditor.commit(); }
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Although the object identity problem can be resolved, a more significant mismatch occurs when your object model uses inheritance.
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This method does much the same work as the code in the two programs in section 10.1, but in fewer lines and with less complexity. The main reason for the decrease in complexity is that we have provided it with a driver that can draw the graphical elements in terms that are natural to the problem. The good news is that we don t need to clutter the code with conversions between angles and coordinates. The result of all this can be seen in figure 10.3.
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or at least, it didn t when this was written. See section 11.3.1 for more information.
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XML component interfaces
Picture this: the PhotoViewer application
Meaning Types and parameters specified when important; access indicated by + (public), (private), and # (protected).
public class MyClass1 { // MyClass1's implementation public static aspect DesiredCharacteristicParticipant extends AbstractDesiredCharacteristicAspect { public pointcut desiredCharacteristicJoinPoints() : call(* MyClass1.desiredCharacteristicMethod1()) || call(* MyClass1.desiredCharacteristicMethod2()) /* || ... */; } }
Table 12.2 Query expressions supported by the Table service Description (C# equivalent operator) Equals (==) Greater than (>) Greater than or equal to (>=) Less than (<) Less than or equal to (<=) Not equal to (!=) And (&&) Boolean properties only Not (!) Boolean properties only Or (||) Boolean properties only
package auction.model; import javax.persistence.*; @Entity @Table(name = "ITEM") public class Item { ... }
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Listing containers
Listing 5.14 The second portion of the WidgetProvider ContentProvider
String sym = symbolField.getText().toUpperCase(); int type; if (investmentChoice.getSelected().equals(fundButton)) type = 1; else type = 0; int[] price = QuoteService.getPrice(sym,type); if (price != null) { storePrice(sym, price); resultsBox.setText("The price of " + sym + " is $" + price[0] + "." + price[1]); resultsBox.paint(); } else { Graphics.playSound(Graphics.SOUND_ERROR); Dialog symbolAlert = new Dialog(this,"Alert", "Check Symbol and Type.\n\nNo quote found.","OK"); symbolAlert.showDialog(); }
Listing 7.4 Using embedded objects
public List<Item> getMatchingItemsWithDistributor(String words, int page) { FullTextSession ftSession = SessionHolder.getFullTextSession(); luceneQuery = buildLuceneQuery( words ); FullTextQuery query = ftSession.createFullTextQuery( luceneQuery, Item.class );
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