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attribute is set to 2, the button doubles its default dimensions. Note that because you haven t specified a duration, the button reaches its new dimensions in one second, which is the default value. The OnClick element includes a sequence of animations to play as soon as the button is clicked. To play multiple animations in response to an event, you must encapsulate them into a Sequence or Parallel element. Otherwise, you can play only a single animation. The Sequence element defines an animation of type SequenceAnimation. This animation encapsulates a group of child animations that are played sequentially, one after another, as shown in figure 10.14.
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Mapping a parent/children relationship
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14.2.2 Restriction
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In the last chapter we got into the guts of the infrastructure and architecture of Windows Azure. During that chapter we introduced the concept of the service model and how it s used by the FC to manage your role. In this chapter we ll take some time out to look at the parts of the service model that we didn t get to mess around with much (specifically the service definition and service configuration files). But first, let s spend a little time with the Service Management API.
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Except for defining the ImageURL class, everything you ve done so far in this example has been done declaratively, in the XAML file. Now it s finally time to write some C# in this example. You may have noticed that you did create an event handler for when the user changes the selected item in the ListBox:
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Building web apps with Dashcode
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<element 1> <element2> ... </element 1> </element 2>
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But there is a huge problem with this solution (aside from the fact that this would be much better executed in the database using aggregation functions): Each time we access the collection of bids, Hibernate must fetch this lazy collection from the database for each item. If the initial query returns 20 items, the entire transaction requires 1 initial select that retrieves the items plus 20 additional selects to load the bids collections of each item. This might easily result in unacceptable latency in a system that accesses the database across a network. Usually you don't explicitly create such operations, because you should quickly see doing so is suboptimal. However, the n+1 selects problem is often hidden in more complex application logic, and you may not recognize it by looking at a single routine. The first attempt to solve this problem might be to enable batch fetching. We change our mapping for the bids collection to look like this:
8: Behavioral Patterns: Chain of Responsibility and Command
coll.Add(new WebPartDescription(wp)); } } return new WebPartDescriptionCollection(coll); }
Application Component 1
Use the Abstract Factory pattern when A system should be independent of how its products are created, composed, and represented. A system can be configured with one of multiple families of products. The constraint requiring products from the same factory to be used together must be enforced. The emphasis is on revealing interfaces, not implementations.
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