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Programming the Internet
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richer client experience, we also want to show you how to provide a web-based crossplatform Silverlight experience.
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Understanding the controller anatomy Storyboarding an application Mapping the presentation model Using input from the browser Passing view metadata Testing the controller generate barcode rdlc
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All the code in listing 9.5 has been discussed in previous examples, except for what s happening at q and w. At q you get a reference to the BLOB that you re about to create. We re giving the BLOB the original name of the uploaded file (retrieved from the UploadFile control). Then, at w you upload the new file to BLOB storage. You ll notice that we re extracting the filename and the file contents directly from the ASP.NET file upload control. If you want, you can give the file a name different from the original.
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Builds a basic form
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Persisting a home object reference is simple when you create a HomeHandle instance. The parent of your home interface provides the getHomeHandle() method that returns an instance of the HomeHandle class. Only remote home interfaces, not extenders of the EJBLocalHome interface, will have the getHomeHandle() method. The HomeHandle class implements the serializable interface, allowing an instance to be persisted to stable storage. Using a HomeHandle class is useful not only for persisting a reference to a home object, but also for keeping a reference in memory over the lifespan of a client. By keeping the handle around, you can avoid performing further JNDI lookups to retrieve a home reference to the same EJB.
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9.5.1 MEMORY
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public Object createDynamicElement(String name) Rejects dynamic elements throws BuildException { throw new BuildException("Element " + name + " is not supported"); } public void execute() { Enumeration enum = params.keys(); while (enum.hasMoreElements()) { String name = (String) enum.nextElement(); log(name + " = " + params.get(name)); } } }
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Client <<interface>> IHandler #successor : Handler +Request( )
Computer : Category
Polymorphic queries HQL and JPA QL, as object-oriented query languages, support polymorphic queries queries for instances of a class and all instances of its subclasses, respectively. You already know enough HQL and JPA QL to be able to demonstrate this. Consider the following query:
Figure 9.2 Our initial version of the Enigma machine will provide only basic encryption, input, and output, served up with a splash of visual flare, naturally!
Data model
You cannot programmatically control this order of execution. However, if needed, you can exclude default and superclass listeners from being executed at all. Let s assume that we need to disable both default and superclass listeners for the Seller entity. You can do this with the following code:
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