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You ll notice that the SQL statements have placeholders. The placeholders are populated in the same order the property elements appear in the mapping definition, with the id column always appearing last. We hope that a future release will support named parameters in custom SQL, since ensuring fields are in the correct order can be tedious. Another thing to notice is the callable attribute. When callable is set to true, the SQL must be a stored procedure installed on the database. Another feature that can be quite powerful is the ability to define a SQL statement that will be used whenever an instance of a persistent
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The Fa ade pattern is simple to implement. It uses the C# concept of namespaces. Classes in namespaces have the facility to define accessibility as internal or public. If accessibility is defined as internal, the member is visible only in the assembly in which the namespace is compiled. In a very large system, the client s GUI will be in a different namespace from the library, so we can enforce the Fa ade. (Alternative implementations of the Fa ade pattern will be discussed shortly.)
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mov r0, sp mov instruction mov r1, #0; 0x0 add r2, pc, #4; 0x4 add instruction add r3, pc, #4; 0x43 b 9514 <dlopen-0x21c> Branch instruction b cef8 <dlclose+0x37bc> Branch instruction andeq lr, r0, r8, lsl #8 andeq lr, r0, r0, lsl r4 Conditional expressions andeq lr, r0, r8, lsl r4 andeq lr, r0, r0, lsr #8 nop instruction nop (mov r0,r0) nop (mov r0,r0) qr code rdlc
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ActionExecutedContext ActionExecutingContext AuthorizationContext ExceptionContext ResultExecutedContext ResultExecutingContext
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Listing 13.3
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Figure 2.1 Configurations adhere to a nested relationship. This means that all configurations in the J2ME architecture conform to a supersetsubset arrangement. This increases portability when moving from a more constrained configuration to a more feature-rich configuration.
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Use the State pattern when You have objects that: Will change their behavior at runtime, based on some context Are becoming complex, with many conditional branches You want to: Vary the set of handlers for an object request dynamically Retain flexibility in assigning requests to handlers
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