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One of the nice things about the client framework is that the core library isn t reliant on the server components. The core library can be used to develop applications built in Cold Fusion, PHP, and other languages and platforms. With this flexibility, the architecture can be divided logically into two pieces: the client framework and the server framework. Understanding how things work in the client framework is essential even for server-side developers, because this portion brings web pages to life. At the core is the Microsoft Ajax Library. Microsoft Ajax Library As we stated previously, the heart of the client framework is the Microsoft Ajax Library, also known as the core library. The library consists of a set of JavaScript files that can be used independently from the server features. We ll ease into the core library by explaining the intentions of each of its pieces or layers, beginning with its foundation: the type system.
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There s a trade-off here. Is the effort of creating a type worth the benefits if you re only going to use it to hold the results of a query If your code immediately does further processing of the data, the type will be useful to only a handful of lines of code. But if you don t create the type, you have to deal with a compromise you might not be able to structure the information coming out of your query in exactly the way you want. C# 3.0 shifts the balance in favor of creating a type in this scenario, by removing most of the effort required, thanks to anonymous types. This is another language feature added mainly for the benefit of LINQ, although you can use it in other scenarios if you find it useful. An anonymous type is one that the C# compiler writes for you, based on the properties in the object initializer list. So when the compiler sees this expression from Example 8-19:
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Working with the ColumnText object
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Class Superhero Class Superpower End Class End Class
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Gallery details Data for each photo in pages Was request successful
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Private Sub FollowItemLink(ByVal entryID As Integer) ' ----- Given a character position in the single item ' text panel, follow the link indicated by that item. Dim scanLink As SingleItemLink ' ----- Access the link. scanLink = ItemLinkSet.Item(entryID) If (scanLink Is Nothing) Then Return ' ----- Perform a lookup as requested. If (PerformLookup(scanLink.LinkType, _ CStr(scanLink.LinkID), False) = False) _ Then Return ' ----- Store the history. AddLookupHistory(scanLink.LinkType, CStr(scanLink.LinkID)) End Sub
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Alphabetical Properties Events Property pages
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Taming wild EJBs: performance and scalability
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import javax.microedition.lcdui.*; import java.util.*; class ChartCanvas extends Canvas { static static static static static private private private private final final final final final int int int int int MAX_BAR_SIZE = 65; START_X_POSITION = 30; START_Y_CURRENT = 27; START_Y_HISTORIC = 39; BAR_HEIGHT = 10;
Google Maps should be an ideal way to show off Core Location, because it s already built into the iPhone and because it can take longitude and latitude as URL arguments. Unfortunately, the reality falls a little short of that ideal at the time of this writing. There are two problems. Most notably, as a programmer, you have no access to the proprietary Google Maps interface built into the iPhone. Instead, you have to use a UIWebView to show the map results (which is why we re covering this example in this section). That leads to the second problem, which is that Google Maps often sizes itself in weird ways when displayed in a UIWebView. This is probably due to some combination of UIWebView always assuming that it will appear full screen which we ve already discussed and Google Maps trying to do the right thing when it detects that you re on the iPhone. We expect Google Maps presentation will slowly improve through future releases of the SDK.
Adds content using hyphenation (American English)
public class BusinessException extends Exception { }
Do actual drawing
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Build a remote interface for your stateless session bean and expose the appropriate methods in the remote interface. Reduce the number of method invocations by using a coarse-grained session bean. Make appropriate configurations using the vendor-specific deployment descriptors if required. Because the client code for the EJB needs to know that you are using clustered application server instances, provide the URL for the clustered JNDI server or application server.
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