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> ajc > java TestRecursion Exception in thread "main" java.lang.StackOverflowError at org.aspectj.runtime.reflect.StringMaker. makeTypeName( at org.aspectj.runtime.reflect.StringMaker. makeTypeName( at org.aspectj.runtime. reflect.StringMaker.addTypeNames( at org.aspectj.runtime.reflect.StringMaker. addSignature( at org.aspectj.runtime.reflect.MethodSignatureImpl. toString( at org.aspectj.runtime.reflect.JoinpointImpl$StaticPartImpl. toString( at org.aspectj.runtime.reflect.JoinpointImpl$StaticPartImpl. toString( at java.lang.String.valueOf( at java.lang.StringBuffer.append( at Tracing.before0$ajc( ...
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Taming wild EJBs: performance and scalability
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EJB Timers are transactional objects. If the transaction that a timer is triggered under rolls back for some reason (e.g., as a result of a runtime exception in the timeout method), the timer creation is undone. In addition, the timeout method can be executed in a transactional context. You can specify a transactional attribute for the timeout method Required or RequiresNew and the container will start a transaction before invoking the timeout method. If the transaction fails, the container will make sure the changes made by the failed method do not take effect and will retry the timeout method. We ll talk about EJB transactions in much greater detail in the next chapter.
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A UIControl object maintains an internal dispatch table that correlates control events with target-action pairs. In other words, this table says which method should be run by which object when a specified event occurs. You can add entries to this table with the UIControl object s addTarget:action:forControlEvents: method. The following example shows how it works:
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These methods make it relatively easy to manage permissions when you create and manipulate files, but they don t make it easy to decide what those permissions should be! It is always tempting just to make everything available to anyone you can get your code compiled and working much quicker that way; but only for not very secure values of working, and that s something that has to be of concern for every developer.
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from Event e where e.attendees.size > 0
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Actively generated code can be automatically regenerated at any time and therefore should not be hand-edited since changes will be lost. This is opposed to passively generated code, which is generated once, and then modified, edited, and checked into source control like any source file would be. All the examples from this chapter have featured active generation.
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Add a new web page to your project named CustomWeather.aspx and, as with all web part pages, add a WebPartManager to it. You must also declare the server control to the page by using a Register directive at the head of the page as shown here:
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public class TextExample1 extends JPanel { private static AttributedString akira; public TextExample1() { akira = new AttributedString( "Akira Kurosawa: \u9ed2\u6fa4 \u660e or \u9ed2\u6ca2 \u660e; " + "23 March 1910 6 September 1998."); akira.addAttribute(TextAttribute.FONT, new Font("SansSerif", Font.PLAIN, 12)); akira.addAttribute(TextAttribute.FONT, new Font("SansSerif", Font.BOLD, 12), 0, 15); akira.addAttribute(TextAttribute.FONT, new Font("MS PGothic", Font.PLAIN, 12), 16, 20); akira.addAttribute(TextAttribute.FONT, new Font("MS PGothic", Font.PLAIN, 12), 24, 28); } public void paint(Graphics g) { Graphics2D g2d = (Graphics2D) g; g2d.drawString(akira.getIterator(), 10, 16); } }
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Screen versus screen The MIDP specification refers to the central abstraction of the MIDP UI as a screen (with a lowercase s ). The abstract class of Displayable represents the implementation of this screen abstraction. We find this naming convention to be rather confusing since there is a Displayable subclass Screen (with an uppercase S ). In order to avoid confusion, we do not refer to the abstract idea of a MIDP display as a screen, but be aware of this terminology when reading MIDP documentation. Instead, we choose to use the class Displayable or the more generic display term to refer the abstract idea of an MIDP device screen.
Acrobat 2
Table 12.4 Built-in transaction manager configurations Description Uses the transaction facilities provided by the JDBC Connection API Starts a global transaction, or joins an existing global transaction No-op implementation of commit and rollback, thus leaving commit and rollback to some external transaction manager
The Sys.Browser object can be used to get information about the browser that loaded a page. We ll return to browser detection in section 2.4.4. In the meantime, look at table 2.5, which lists the new methods added to the JavaScript String object.
public void endAuction(Item item) { Session session1 = auctionDatabase.openSession(); Session session2 = billingDatabase.openSession(); concludeAuction(session1, item); billAuction(session2, item); } ... }
import javax.microedition.rms.*; public class QuoteFilter implements RecordFilter { private String symbol; public QuoteFilter(String sym) { symbol = sym; }
You may also evict all elements of a certain class or only evict a particular collection role by specifying a region name:
Listing 6.8 Define batch size through annotation
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