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remove-local-catalina: [get] Getting: http://localhost:8080/manager/remove path=/antbook [echo] OK - Removed application at context path /antbook
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Notice how parameters for the search criteria, such as tags=ajax, and other important elements are passed along in the URL of the request. On the provider s end, the parameters are parsed from the request and then used to perform the search, resulting in a collection of photos that are returned in an XML format (see figure 5.10).
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Figure 12.2 By default, the context object will save each entity with an individual request rather than saving them all in a batch.
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(including dependent objects)
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Design patterns and idioms
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Element/Attribute Name persistence-context-ref-name Description The name used to bind the referenced persistence context to the ENC. Same as the name element in the @PersistenceContext annotation. continued on next page
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package com.manning.hq.ch04; import org.hibernate.*; import org.hibernate.cfg.Configuration;
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Table 4-5. SQL Server data types (continued) Data type
When we first talked about view controllers in chapter 2, we mentioned that they come in several flavors. These run from the bare-bones UIViewController, which is primarily useful for managing autorotation and for taking the appropriate role in the MVC model, to the more organized UITableViewController, on to a few different controllers that allow navigation across multiple pages. All of these view controllers and their related views are listed in table 5.1.
7: State and Life Cycle
In the following example, you ll create a client control whose associated element can be dragged around the page. The control is called BookItem, and it represents the book in the scenario outlined in the previous section. The code in listing 12.2 contains the logic that every draggable item must implement to deal with the DragDropManager.
SELECT u FROM User u INNER JOIN u.Category c WHERE u.userId LIKE 1 The INNER clause is optional.
7.4 Summary
The Default.aspx page is the starting point for the Library web application, and appears in Figure 23-13.
The Library Project includes generic support for bar code labels. I visited a few libraries in my area and compared the bar codes added to both their library items (such as books) and their patron ID cards. I found that the variety was too great to shoehorn into a single predefined solution. Therefore, the Library application allows an administrator or librarian to design sheets of bar code labels to meet their specific needs. (There are businesses that sell preprinted bar code labels and cards to libraries that don t want to print their own. The application also supports this method, since bar code generation and bar code assignment to items are two distinct steps.)
for the remainder of the content they want. The benefit for the owners of sticky websites is that their sites serve more ads and thus generate greater revenue.
Figure 17.6 It s easy to create a scope. A scope acts as a container for a set of rules for your service. It also associates a token policy with the service. You ll need to define the URI for the service the scope applies to.
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