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3.5.1 Solution: Refactor to preserve flexibility
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}}; EventQueue.invokeLater(worker); }
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Now that we ve had a chance to see XSS in action, let s work on securing our application against that vulnerability.
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There are many situations in which you will want to do the same thing again and again, perhaps slightly changing a value each time you repeat the action. This is called iteration, or looping. Typically, you ll iterate (or loop) over a set of items, taking the same action on each item in the collection. This is the programming equivalent of an assembly line. On an assembly line, you might take 100 car bodies and put a windshield on each one as it comes by. In an iterative program, you might work your way through a collection of text boxes on a form, retrieving the value from each in turn and using those values to update a database. C# provides an extensive suite of iteration statements, including for and while, and also do...while and foreach loops. You can also create a loop by using the goto statement. In the remainder of this chapter, we ll consider the use of goto, for, while, and do...while. However, we ll postpone coverage of foreach until 10, until after we ve introduced you to arrays.
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A parameter to a SQL statement allows for parts of the statement to be replaced when it is actually run. SQL parameters are always preceded with the @ symbol. So, in the following SQL statement:
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In this case, struts.jar represents an Ant property, and in our build file, we refer to it with special syntax: ${struts.jar}. A key feature of an Ant property is its immutability; it resists change once set.2 The interesting and powerful consequence of properties retaining their first set value is that build files can be coded to load property files in a specific order to allow user-, project-, or environment-controlled overrides.
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If you don t already have the AdventureWorks database installed on your machine, download it from the following: FamilyID=e719ecf7-9f464312-af89-6ad8702e4e6e&DisplayLang=en
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Putting Android to work in a field service application
Row 8
You want to start a transaction in the client layer of your application and propagate to an EJB.
Listing 14.5 index() method of catalogBean
Example 8-4. Command pattern theory code multireceiver version
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