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Obviously, this is not what we want. We shall have to fix that shortly. Note that if we set the attribute lenient="true" of <xmlvalidate>, the task verifies that a file is well formed, but not that it matches the DTD. This allows you to check the basic structure of an XML file, even if you do not have the DTD on hand. 13.2.1 When a file isn t validated What happens if a file isn t valid As a test, we pulled out a handwritten web.xml file from a shipping production service, one that avoided DTD resolution problems by pasting the Servlet 2.2 DTD into the file itself. Although this application loaded happily on Tomcat 3.x and a production application server, our validate task was not so forgiving:
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To start working with a PhoneStateListener, you need to acquire an instance of TelephonyManager. PhoneStateListener itself is an interface, so you need to create
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11.5 Best practices and common deployment issues
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Listing 1.4 AndroidManifest.xml
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The association between Category and Item is a many-to-many association, as can be seen in figure 7.9. In a real system, you may not have a many-to-many association. Our experience is that there is almost always other information that must be attached to each link between associated instances (such as the date and time when an item was added
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Because we need somewhere to store the data we are pulling from the web service, we ll create an entire class to interact with the parser. That class is FlickrResult, taking each XML element as it is encountered, extracting data, and populating its variables. The class also houses a FlickrPhoto sequence, to store details for each individual photo. Listing 8.4 is the first part of our class to process and store the information coming back from the web service.
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2.2.2 Solution: Simplify
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Login Recall that our login button s onclick handler initiates a call to the login() method of our page, which in turn calls this method. The login command, at least from the perspective of the server, is a command that the server must handle by checking the credentials and then (if they are valid) responding with the same response that our load-page command would perform. With that in mind, let s look at the implementation shown in listing 11.15.
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To do this, we put the instantiation of the Singleton object in a nested class, SingletonCreator, as in Example 5-5 in lines 6 11. The static constructor then falls away.
Task name
With this instance, you can manage and configure the way the errors, scripts, and other settings on the page behave. We ll explore some of this in a moment; first, let s see what adding the ScriptManager to the page does to the application.
return View(); }
Creating another view controller
INSERT SNIPPET Insert 12, Snippet Item 3.
public ActionResult Details(string urlKey, string format) { var speaker = _repository.FindSpeakerByUrlKey(urlKey); if (format == "json") return Json(speaker, JsonRequestBehavior.AllowGet); return View(speaker); }
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