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On the iPhone, memory management is vitally important because of the device s limited memory. If you re sloppy with your memory usage, you ll start receiving didReceivedMemoryWarning messages and eventually your program could get shut down. Objective-C uses the same general concepts of memory allocation and memory deallocation that we ve already discussed, but it has some specific rules for when you have to worry about freeing up memory yourself. Because these rules are based on functionality of the iPhone OS, we cover them in the next chapter in section 10.4.2. Although Objective-C objects are generally built using pointers to memory, you don t have to worry about dereferencing them because the details are hidden by the SDK s classes. However, when you initially declare objects, you ll always do so with a *; you ll constantly be creating pointers to objects. In addition, you may occasionally run into a library that isn t built around objectoriented classes. In that situation you ll need to make full use of pointers. As you ll see, this is the case with SQLite, which is discussed in chapter 16.
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Add to trigger collection
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8: Errors, Exceptions, and Bugs, Oh My!
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public ActionResult Index() { var cookie = new HttpCookie("mvcinaction", "secret"); Response.SetCookie(cookie); return View(); }
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The custom ItemRow class doesn t have to be a persistent class; it doesn t have to be mapped to the database or even be known to Hibernate. ItemRow is therefore only a data-transfer class, useful in report generation. Getting distinct results When you use a select clause, the elements of the result are no longer guaranteed to be unique. For example, Items descriptions aren t unique, so the following query might return the same description more than once:
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// delete some and rename others int counter = 0; foreach (FileInfo file in filesInDir) { string fullName = file.FullName; if (counter++ % 2 == 0) { // P/Invoke the Win API Tester.MoveFile(fullName, fullName + ".bak"); Console.WriteLine("{0} renamed to {1}", fullName, file.FullName);
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The basic idea behind a network is that data is sent between connected devices using particular addresses. Connections can be made over wire, over radio waves, and so on. Each addressed device is known as a node. A node can be a mainframe, a PC, a fancy
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Dim cellProductNumber As TableCell = e.Row.Cells(3)
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Count = 0; List<Thread> threads = (from i in Enumerable.Range(0, 4) select new Thread(Go)).ToList(); threads.ForEach(t => t.Start()); threads.ForEach(t => t.Join());
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ExternalEmployeePK pk = new ExternalEmployeePK(); pk.setLastName("Rubinger"); pk.setSsn(100L); Employee employee = em.find(Employee.class, pk);
11.2 Creating a first project in Xcode: Hello, World!
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