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This statistical data isn t stored by default in the Lucene index because it takes space and time to compute. But you can enable it on a per-field basis. Use @Field.termVector to choose which data to store:
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Caches Custom resource pools
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Presentation layer patterns
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User user = new User(); user.setUsername("john"); user.setFirstname("John"); user.setLastname("Doe"); session.saveOrUpdate(user); // Generates id value by side-effect System.out.println( session.getIdentifier(user) ); // Prints 1 session.flush();
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As soon as you introduce functionality that isn t allowed in the PDF/X specification you ve chosen, iText will throw an exception explaining what went wrong. For instance, try making these changes:
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Visual Basic generates an expression tree for calculateIt that looks like Figure 9-2.
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appxml basedir compress destfile duplicate encoding filesonly index manifest update whenempty <archives> <fileset> <manifest> <metainf> <zipfileset> File to incorporate as application.xml. [File] Directory from which to archive files; optional. [File] Indicates whether to compress the files or only store them; optional, default=true;. [Boolean] The file to create; required. [File] Sets behavior for when a duplicate file is about to be added. [add, preserve, fail] Encoding to use for file names, defaults to the platform s default encoding. [String] If true, emulates Sun s JAR utility by not adding parent directories; optional, defaults to false. [Boolean] Indicates whether to create an index list for classes. [Boolean] The manifest file to use. [File] If true, updates an existing file, otherwise overwrites any existing one; optional, defaults to false. [Boolean] Behavior of the task when no files match. [fail, skip, create] Adds zipfileset. [ZipFileset] Adds a set of files. [Fileset] Allows the manifest for the archive file to be provided inline in the build file rather than in an external file. Adds a zipfileset to include in the META-INF directory. [ZipFileset] Adds a set of files that can be read from an archive and given a prefix/fullpath. [ZipFileset]
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Functional expressions in the WHERE clause on page 225.
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Listing 13.1 PdfXPdfA.java
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Relational database schema
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Customizing SQL
We will now abandon the session fa ade pattern and use a design based on the command pattern, an approach that has proven to be flexible and, in some situations, better than a session fa ade. The EJB command pattern The EJB command pattern replaces the methods of a session fa ade such as bidForItem() in our example with command classes. We have a BidForItemCommand. The execute() method of this command is called by a stateless session bean known as the command handler. The command handler lets you take advantage of container transactions and security and implements generic exception handling (it could even provide a full interceptor framework). The command itself encapsulates a unit of application logic, input parameters, and output parameters. It s instantiated by the client action, dispatched to the command handler, executed in the context of the EJB tier, and finally returned to the client with the result of the operation. The command pattern lets you reduce code by handling some concerns generically and also by reducing the amount of noise involved in EJB development. The commands are simple POJOs and are easy to write and reuse; they may even be reused outside of the EJB container (just like the POJO domain model). The only requirement is that commands implement the following interface:
Many developers didn t use EJB session beans for DAO classes with EJB 2.1. In EJB 3.0, all components are plain Java objects and there is no reason you shouldn t get the container s services with a few simple annotations (or an XML deployment descriptor, if you don t like annotations).
13: XML
Mozilla provides free downloadable tools for signing JAR files. For users who want to simply experiment with this technology, unauthenticated digital certificates can be generated by tools such as the keytool utility that ships with the Sun Java Development Kit (JDK). We, however, recommend using a certificate from a recognized authority for live deployments. Signed JAR files are not portable. They will only work in Mozilla browsers. For that reason, we won t pursue them in any greater detail here. If you re interested in exploring this approach further, have a look at the URLs in the Resources section. This concludes our discussion on interacting with remote services using Ajax. We ve reached to the point where our application is running in the browser, exchanging data with its server and possibly with third-party servers as well. That data is unlikely to execute malicious code on your machine, but it may be a security risk of a different kind, particularly if the data is confidential. In the next section, we ll see how to safeguard your users data from prying eyes.
Here is a good series of articles showing how to use OpenGL ES on Android: http://blog.jayway.com/author/ pererikbergman.
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